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How do people come into a right relationship with God?
16 Jun 2007
How did people who lived prior to Jesus’ time get saved, as they could not have put their faith in him? And how does that apply to Muslims?
by Russell Grigg
‘Southwest Colorado Man’ and the year of the one-tooth wonders
09 Jun 2007
An enquirer asks about ‘Southwest Colorado Man’. This gives an opportunity to discuss some of the other amazing ‘human evolution’ claims made on the basis of fragmentary evidence.
by Andrew Lamb
Did God know that Adam would sin before He created him?
26 May 2007
Why did God create us in the first place, if He knew we were going to sin—wouldn’t that make God responsible for sin?
Should CMI take a stand on eschatology?
19 May 2007
Why disagreements over Revelation are generally qualitatively different to those over Genesis.
Conspiracy and doomsday scenarios: should Christians be worried?
12 May 2007
Was the US Government really behind 9/11? Is destructive weather really being generated by secret ‘scalar interferometry’ weapons? Are such claims true, and what should Christians do about it?
by Andrew Lamb
What is ‘good’? (Answering the Euthyphro Dilemma)
05 May 2007
A reader brings up an ancient dilemma about God and goodness. A biblical understanding grasps both horns of the dilemma.
Is evolution really essential for biology?
28 Apr 2007
Evolution is claimed to be essential for biology, but it is really irrelevant. Common structures and natural selection are NOT evolution.
‘Junk’ DNA, asteroid impacts and supernovas
21 Apr 2007
A supporter asks for help in answering challenges posed by Darwinists.
Evaluating an evolutionary science curriculum
14 Apr 2007
How should creationists respond? Should we oppose evolutionary curricula outright?
Evolution by fiat and faith
31 Mar 2007
Exercising faith over fact, botanist Hugo de Vries triumphantly proclaimed a plant he bred to be a newly evolved species. Sadly, a century later some evolutionists still use his discredited example.
Dawkins’ Delusion (continued)
10 Mar 2007
More atheists on a mission: Dawkins’ fans object to review of The God Delusion
Fast food giant firms up alien beliefs
03 Mar 2007
Are your children being served a ‘side’ of spiritual falsehood along with their ‘fries and cola?’