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Aliens, evolution and the occult
24 Feb 2007
Grateful reader of Alien Intrusion has questions. Descriptions of ‘alien encounters’ often match cultural expectations.
Creationist qualifications
10 Feb 2007
While many sceptics claim that creationist qualifications are fraudulent, in reality CMI’s and almost all other creationist scientists have genuine degrees. Why do old- and young-earth creationists disagree?
Mangling misotheism
27 Jan 2007
Many atheists barely even attempt a reasoned argument. The response shows that consistent Christianity provides the only logical basis for morality, charity, reason and science.
Does the Bible teach error?
20 Jan 2007
Many alleged contradictions in Scripture are solved by pointing out Jewish citation methods and distinguishing thematic from chronological order.
Surrogate Mothering and IVF: are they biblical?
13 Jan 2007
Reader asks whether modern fertility methods such as IVF and surrogacy are biblically acceptable.
God doesn’t care a bit about origins (R 2007)
Does it matter what we believe about origins? Isn’t helping the poor more important? The response explains why the issue of origins does matter in many ways—including helping the poor.
Defending vital doctrines and the deity of Christ (R)
Is Young-Earth Creationism a heresy?
Atheism is more rational? (R)
'Peripheral matters' and 'The Lord was working in a lot of peoples' hearts' (R)
Reinforcing the Darwin-Hitler connection and correcting misinformation about slavery and racism (R)