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Carbon dating into the future
14 Sep 2023
Carbon ‘dating’ sometimes produces negative ages, i.e. dates in the future. How can that be?
by Andrew Lamb
The old ‘Who created God?’ canard revisited
13 May 2023
Who designed the Designer?
by Jonathan Sarfati
More or less information?
18 Feb 2023
Responding to vexatious evolutionist challenges about genetic information.
by Andrew Lamb
Is the Bible falsifiable? And would a real live ET do it?
29 Dec 2007
After making it clear to an anticreationist that we are prepared to ‘put it on the line’ concerning clear implications of the Bible’s cosmology, he comes back with more.
Christians shaped by experiences rather than the ‘Bible first’ approach
22 Dec 2007
Can Christians be deceived by supernatural phenomena to the extent that they reinterpret Scripture? Many do, but don’t realise it!
Quotations in the New Testament: Do they mean that the quoted book is totally authoritative?
15 Dec 2007
Are books quoted in the New Testament really authoritative?
Evolution v the reliability of the Bible
01 Dec 2007
Is evidence for evolution really evidence for creation? If Genesis is untrue, what does this say about the rest of Scripture?
When is a fossil not?
24 Nov 2007
The lack of fossils of pre-Flood people is understandable, but where are the fossils of post-Flood people—shouldn’t there be lots?
Is the Bible falsifiable?
10 Nov 2007
Would the discovery of a real live alien falsify the Bible? What’s the Biblical view?
‘In Peleg’s days, the earth was divided’: What does this mean?
03 Nov 2007
What exactly was divided in Peleg’s day, and how? How should we understand the meaning of words in Scripture?
Corals and sponges and ur-complexity*
27 Oct 2007
Secular scientists are continually expressing astonishment at the complexity they find in creatures they presume to be primitive, and at the fact that they contain a proportion of DNA sequences identical to those in humans.
by Andrew Lamb
Serpents and dust; Christians and salt
20 Oct 2007
Do snakes really ‘eat dust’ as the Bible says? And can salt really lose its saltiness, as Jesus said?