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‘In Peleg’s days, the earth was divided’: What does this mean?
03 Nov 2007
What exactly was divided in Peleg’s day, and how? How should we understand the meaning of words in Scripture?
Did God know that Adam would sin before He created him?
26 May 2007
Why did God create us in the first place, if He knew we were going to sin—wouldn’t that make God responsible for sin?
What is ‘good’? (Answering the Euthyphro Dilemma)
05 May 2007
A reader brings up an ancient dilemma about God and goodness. A biblical understanding grasps both horns of the dilemma.
Misotheist’s misology: Richard Dawkins attacks Michael Behe
14 Jul 2007
Antitheists argue against any challenge to their materialism, but use many fallacies to do so. Richard Dawkins is a prime example in his recent tirade against Michael Behe.
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Was Leviathan a Parasaurolophus?
30 Jun 2007
Leviathan has long been a puzzle, but a likely solution is in sight. A major problem was the limits on the information that fossils can provide.
by Andrew Lamb
Aliens, evolution and the occult
24 Feb 2007
Grateful reader of Alien Intrusion has questions. Descriptions of ‘alien encounters’ often match cultural expectations.
Surrogate Mothering and IVF: are they biblical?
13 Jan 2007
Reader asks whether modern fertility methods such as IVF and surrogacy are biblically acceptable.
Human tails and fairy tales
01 Sep 2007
Have there really been people with functioning tails, and if so, are they vestigial?
Carbon dating into the future
14 Sep 2023
Carbon ‘dating’ sometimes produces negative ages, i.e. dates in the future. How can that be?
by Andrew Lamb
The old ‘Who created God?’ canard revisited
13 May 2023
Who designed the Designer?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Dawkins’ Delusion (continued)
10 Mar 2007
More atheists on a mission: Dawkins’ fans object to review of The God Delusion
Christians shaped by experiences rather than the ‘Bible first’ approach
22 Dec 2007
Can Christians be deceived by supernatural phenomena to the extent that they reinterpret Scripture? Many do, but don’t realise it!