Feedback 2008

# Article Title
1 The Geological Society of Australia seeks to censor creation, intelligent design and Flood geology
2 Are 'gain of function' mutations really downhill and so not supporting of evolution?
3 Transplants, xenotransplants, xenotransfusion and xenoexperimentation
4 Unfair to Islam? Round 2
5 Helium evidence for a young world continues to confound critics
6 Ross Criticizes RATE Without Doing His Homework
7 Unfair to Islam?
8 Feeding carnivores on the Ark, and refuting an accusation of 'closet scientism'
9 Why is CMI so dogmatic on 24-hour creation days? Revisited
10 Steve Jones and the 'end of human evolution'
11 Why is CMI so dogmatic on 24-hour creation days?
12 Large Hadron Collider continues to confuse
13 Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin
14 Christianity, Islam and science
15 Laminin, Atlas moths, and gay brains
16 'Female inferiority' raises questions (R)
17 God, the universe, tolerance and suffering
18 Some thermodynamics criticisms—and answers (#2) (R)
19 Cryptids and UFOs—Is there a link?
20 Doubting doubts about the Squishosaur
21 Christopher Hitchens—blind to salamander reality
22 Did all dinosaurs lay eggs?
23 CMI slammed over Singapore slammer
24 Karl Kruszelnicki: still missing the missing links
25 Refuting contrived pro-abortion arguments [Judith Jarvis Thomson, famous violinist]
26 Bacteria 'evolving in the lab'? (Lenski, citrate-digesting E. coli)
27 The Fall, Curse and Satan
28 Ancient mutant Jamaican sea cows?
29 What about the 'Stone Age'?
30 Genesis: Myth or History?
31 The Geological Society of London again moves to silence debate on creation science
32 Wolf among the fold? (critic from Singapore)
33 Pain in childbirth: result of the Fall or fear?
34 Call to censor public information at the Giant's Causeway, UK
35 Slipshod logic in Creation for Kids?
36 Was Dawkins Stumped? Frog to a Prince critics refuted again
37 Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers
38 Clearing the name of Christ (R)
39 CMI and Spetner questioned on soundness of science (R)
40 Responses to "Professing Christian claims CMI site is 'full of lies'"
41 Professing Christian claims CMI site is 'full of lies' (R)
42 The Hebrew language and Messianic prophecies (R)
43 Is it theoretically possible for wolves to give birth to a poodle?
44 "Does it matter which is right?" (R)
45 Mercury's magnetic message is not yet clear. Plus: Rebuttal to NAS appreciated.
46 An information-gaining mutation in HIV?
47 Creationism, Science and Peer Review
48 Why use apologetics for evangelism? (R)
49 How to win a debate about abortion
50 If God can do anything, then can He make a being more powerful than Himself? (Omnipotence)
51 More about moths
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