Feedback 2009

# Article Title
1 Virgin birth parthenogenetic
2 The fourth kind review reaction
3 Dogmatic 6000 years
4 Pandas thumb
5 Intelligent intervention
6 Why apologetics is important
7 Hitler dalai lama conscience
8 RNA self replication
9 Glycon Jesus
10 Darwin racism
11 Indoctrination of children
12 Folding rocks and atheists teaching rights
13 Red Sea crossing
14 Violent crime
15 Who Is The Creator
16 Knowing Christ through creation evangelism
17 Is Darwin criticism valid today
18 Suicidal atheist converts to Christ
19 New genetic information
20 UFO phenomenon growing
21 Explaining new cosmology
22 Creation information circular reasoning
23 Darwin historians not misrepresented
24 The Voyage Darwin film defended
25 Citizens for Science and NCSE cartoons
26 When was Cain conceived? And is CMI male dominated?
27 Spore gamers attack Christianity
28 String theory "philosophy" challenged
29 Adam and the immune system
30 The return of the Nephilim?
31 Ancient proteins and bugs, and vegan cats
32 Dino proteins and blood vessels: are they a big deal?
33 The human umbilical vesicle ('yolk sac') and pronephros—Are they vestigial?
34 Gospel Dates and Reliability
35 Biblical creation impedes evangelism? Plus yet another uninformed atheist.
36 An emotional response to the age of the earth
37 Distant starlight, and dino and human fossils
38 Answering another uninformed atheist: Galileo, Miller-Urey, probability
39 Answering uninformed atheists on DNA complexity
40 A skeptic falsely accuses creationists of lying about human and ape similarities
41 Is baptism necessary for salvation? Further feedback. Plus a reader asks about death.
42 Cannibalism complaint against CMI
43 Hypocritical hostility towards Christians, and explaining hereditary defects
44 How can distant starlight reach us in just 6,000 years?
45 Peter Singer: "Christians condone murder to harvest donor organs". Is he right?
46 Was Christianity plagiarized from pagan myths?
cat: 202
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