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Feedback Archive 2021

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Did a Chicxulub impact wipe out dinosaurs? April 10, 2021
Did a meteorite really wipe out the dinosaurs? If not, what did?

The Attenborough eye-worm argument against God March 27, 2021
The esteemed presenter of memorable nature documentaries has a standard answer when asked about a creator.

God and the beginning of the universe March 20, 2021
Could God have entered into time?

Do we throw out contrary evidence? March 13, 2021
A reader asks us to clarify whether CMI has a blind allegiance to the Bible.

Are we free to be as creative as we want? March 6, 2021
How much freedom do we have to artistically represent what God has described in the Bible? Creativity must not be a licence to misrepresent the truth.

Adam, Eve, Noah and the Flood—in Ancient Egypt? February 13, 2021
Answering an interesting question about whether the Ancient Egyptians knew about Adam’s genealogies up to Noah and Mizraim.

God not nice? February 6, 2021
God killed the entire population of the earth, except Noah and his family, during the Flood. Was this evil?

Could Jesus sin? January 30, 2021
A reader contests our assertion that Jesus couldn’t have sinned.

Christianity and the origin of religion January 23, 2021
Did we just invent religion? What was the original religion? Was Christianity copied from pagan religions?

Responding to William Lane Craig on Inerrancy January 16, 2021
Do the Gospels contain contradictions concerning Peter’s three denials of Christ?

Is God our mother? January 9, 2021
Do feminine comparisons in Scripture mean God is our mother?

Drying out after the Flood January 2, 2021
One objection to a global Flood is the thought that the wind that blew across the earth would be insufficient to dry the land. This is nonsense.