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Progressive revelation May 30, 2020
Is God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture progressive? How is this different from the evolution of religion?

Did God make Adam ‘half-female’? May 23, 2020
Are women superior to men because they have one more X chromosome?

Amino acids produced in hydrothermal vents? April 25, 2020
Have chemical evolutionists proven that life could have evolved from non-living chemicals in hydrothermal vents?

Duplicity in the Bible? April 18, 2020
Is the Bible made up of stories plagiarized from other sources? Does it contain contradictions about God? Is it historically and scientifically accurate?

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers April 13, 2020
Some claim that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati’s comments.

Do mutations add information and is that evolution? March 28, 2020
Mutations can add information, so why is that not evolution?

Love and faith March 14, 2020
We answer the questions: Is the love of God conditional or unconditional, and what did Abraham believe?

Trinity creation March 7, 2020
What can we say regarding the actions of each Person of the Godhead in creation?

Post-Flood Race for Survival February 29, 2020
Would animals have to run for their lives as soon as they got off the ark? Would some go extinct as they got hunted by predators?

Competition between apex predatory dinosaurs pre-Flood? February 22, 2020
Carnivorous dinosaurs pre-Flood: Wouldn’t lots of apex predators be problematic for the biblical creation perspective?

How did the Fjords form? February 15, 2020
Were they carved by the glaciers or was it something else?

Valley of Fire, Nevada February 1, 2020
How it is explained by the geological processes of Noah’s Flood.

Pre-fall ecological crisis? January 18, 2020
If there was no pre-Fall animal death, would they have overrun the world if Adam hadn’t sinned?

Why did God create? January 4, 2020
If God didn’t need the world, why create it?