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An atypical atheist, plus Just how long was that so-called 'gap'? December 30, 2006
Why would an atheist say he likes the CMI website?

Why don't they carbon-test dino fossils? plus A powerful plug for a powerful Christmas gift December 16, 2006
T. rex bones with dino blood cells in vessels—C-14 dating and new discoveries. Another reader explains why our Da Vinci Code DVD is valuable.

Correcting a severe misconception about the creation model December 9, 2006
A critic misunderstands what creationists actually believe about natural selection, and downplays the difference between operational and origins science. The response also explains the propositions needed for science to work.

Bomb-building vs. the biblical foundation December 2, 2006
A critic disputes that a biblical foundation is necessary for ethics. The response shows why it is, and points out the real ethical problem for atheists.

Aliens and Skeptics November 25, 2006
Gary Bates responds to a reader’s questions on weird alien-related claims. Another reader has insightful comments on our debate with the Skeptics.

Christian chemist's assumptions lead to accusations November 18, 2006
A theistic evolutionist accuses CMI of neither understanding science or the Bible. The response explains the difference between facts and interpretations, and between literalism and interpreting in context.

Is antibiotic resistance really due to increase in information? November 11, 2006
A critic of Dr Sarfati’s PBS rebuttals took issue with antibiotic resistance and information. The response points out that the cited examples show transfer or loss of information.

Jonah in a megalodon? November 4, 2006
Was it a whale that swallowed Jonah? If not, then what? Schoolboy counters common skeptic objection.

Were penguins designed for freezing cold environments? October 28, 2006
This week we feature a friendly query about penguin design.

Dr Damadian's vital contribution to MRI: Nobel controversy October 21, 2006
Dr Damadian’s vital contribution to MRI:

Compromisers and Hebrew eisegesis October 14, 2006
An enquiry gives the opportunity to answer some objections raised against those taking Genesis as real history.

Nobel Prize for alleged Big Bang Proof October 7, 2006
Despite the fanfare, the discovery for which this award was granted has been seriously discredited—including in very recent days.

C14 equilibrium in the atmosphere September 30, 2006
An enquirer raises a gentle challenge to an article on our website about the imbalance between radiocarbon production and decay, after an earlier question of his was answered.

Neuropsychology and evolution September 23, 2006
Sometimes the important thing about an issue that seems to challenge creation is the way we look at it…

Strong reaction to Steve Irwin report September 16, 2006
Steve Irwin’s death from a stingray was a national tragedy. The feedback on our report allowed teaching points on a number of issues.

If you are truly scientists / There will be skeptics September 9, 2006
Many evolutionists attack creation because it is ‘not science’, but their attacks are often inconsistent. But real-world science works by interpreting data according to theories, which are often protected by auxiliary hypotheses.

Miracles and science September 2, 2006
A reader questions the rationality of believing in miracles. However, the response points out that the argument commits a logical fallacy, and that sceptical attacks commit circular reasoning.

Offended by the term 'Baby Killers' August 26, 2006
Many abortion defenders hate to see abortion defined as what it is, baby-killing. The feedback response explains that the nature of the unborn is crucial to the debate; returning people to this key point defeats most pro-abortion rationalizations.

Response to 'gay marriage' article objections; CMI shows questioner that Christian faith is logical August 19, 2006
A gay man took issue about an article on ‘gay marriage’; the response explains the biblical teaching and refutes pseudo-Christian objections. In the second feedback, a then-new Christian (now a guest writer for CMI) explains how logical answers from CMI were instrumental to her conversion.

Da Vinci Code apostate challenges CMI August 12, 2006
A reader has used the Da Vinci Code as an excuse for leaving his former professed faith. Dr Sarfati’s response exposes many fallacies of this, and provides advice on how to handle works like Dan Brown’s.

Does ribozyme research prove Darwinian evolution? August 5, 2006
The origin of the first living organism is a huge problem for materialists. Agnostic DB of California agrees that creationist critiques are strong, but argues that ribozyme ‘evolution’ might solve the problem; Dr Sarfati responds.

Woolgrower comments on freak sheep July 29, 2006
This woolgrower reckons the handy ‘mutation’ which leaves sheep bald in the crutch area is readily explained by existing genetic variation in sheep.

Leonardo's last supper errors July 22, 2006
Feedback from Scotland: not only was Dan Brown’s interpretation of Leonardo’s The Last Supper ‘flaky’, but the brilliant artist himself erred.

Flaming koalas / Keeping up standards July 15, 2006
This week we feature two recent ‘friendly feedbacks’ to CMI, the first with a dash of humour, and the second an encouragement to keep emphasizing accuracy over sensationalism.

War on creation, continued July 8, 2006
A physiology student takes issue with our points on the role of biases and assumptions behind dating methods. However, he failed to study what he was criticising.

Racial origins and bone marrow transplants July 1, 2006
A reader had seen information that bone marrow donors are best accepted within the same ethnic groupings, and was puzzled as to why that would be so, given the close relatedness of all people groups, and presumably knowing what we had previously written about evolution and ‘race’.

Creation science does not meet the standards for secular publications? June 24, 2006
Physics teacher questions some of our astrophysical claims, but his main problem is the old canard of lack of publication in secular journals and the misunderstanding of the role of the paradigm in interpreting data.

Evolutionist debater fails to understand young-earth arguments June 17, 2006
A young supporter asks some questions about young-earth evidence raised by an evolutionary debater. The response points out some of the evolutionist’s misunderstandings and even outright errors, and the role of axioms in the debate.

The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable. June 10, 2006
Nervous about taking a stand on the age of the earth? Prefer a less dogmatic approach?—Why the Bible can be trusted.

A student challenges his professor on radiometric dating June 3, 2006
Supporter feels out of his depth on nuclear chemistry but is still a match for his prof.

Do Evolutionists really claim their theory isn't perfect? May 20, 2006
Reader says: ‘Evolutionists do not claim their theory is perfect, so it’s unfair for creationists to say evolution is flawed.’

Immeasurable Age May 1, 2006

How old is the earth and how can we tell?