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Is the Bible falsifiable? And would a real live ET do it? December 29, 2007
After making it clear to an anticreationist that we are prepared to ‘put it on the line’ concerning clear implications of the Bible’s cosmology, he comes back with more.

Christians shaped by experiences rather than the 'Bible first' approach December 22, 2007
Can Christians be deceived by supernatural phenomena to the extent that they reinterpret Scripture? Many do, but don’t realise it!

Quotations in the NT: Is the quoted book fully authorative? December 15, 2007
Are books quoted in the New Testament really authoritative?

Defending vital doctrines and the deity of Christ December 8, 2007
Do we really confess Jesus as God? To understand New Testament confessions, it is important to understand the Old Testament basis. Many Old Testament references to God/YHWH/Jehovah are applied to Jesus.

Evolution v the reliability of the Bible December 1, 2007
Is evidence for evolution really evidence for creation? If Genesis is untrue, what does this say about the rest of Scripture?

When is a fossil not? November 24, 2007
The lack of fossils of pre-Flood people is understandable, but where are the fossils of post-Flood people—shouldn’t there be lots?

Who designed the Designer? November 17, 2007
Who designed the Designer?

Is the Bible falsifiable? November 10, 2007
Would the discovery of a real live alien falsify the Bible? What’s the Biblical view?

'In Peleg's days, the earth was divided' November 3, 2007
What exactly was divided in Peleg’s day, and how? How should we understand the meaning of words in Scripture?

Corals and sponges and ur-complexity October 27, 2007
Secular scientists are continually expressing astonishment at the complexity they find in creatures they presume to be primitive, and at the fact that they contain a proportion of DNA sequences identical to those in humans.

Serpents and dust; Christians and salt October 20, 2007
Do snakes really ‘eat dust’ as the Bible says? And can salt really lose its saltiness, as Jesus said?

Selfish Genes: is the idea anti-biblical? What should Christians think of it? October 13, 2007
The ‘selfish gene’ idea is being used to teach evolution. But surely a mindless gene can’t really exhibit selfishness, so what does it mean, and does it really support evolution?

Did God create man to be an eternal companion for His son Jesus Christ? October 6, 2007
Why did God create mankind? Was it that God was lonely, or that He wanted companions for His son Jesus?

Dawkins and the origin of genetic information September 29, 2007
Richard Dawkins, asked for an example of a mutation that can be seen to add information to the genome, failed to answer. A defender claims the question was not legitimate.

'Selfish gene' theory, the ENCODE project and 'vestigial' muscles September 22, 2007
What is ‘selfish gene’ theory? And is the palmaris longus muscle in the arm ‘vestigial’?

Froward Fossils and Cyberspace Heaven September 15, 2007
Why do new fossils refuse to conform to evolutionists’ expectations? And can personalities be downloaded and updated?

Inaria, Kimberella and 'primitive' myths September 8, 2007
Be wary of evolutionary indoctrination arriving in your mail box—or stamp collection.

Human tails and fairy tales September 1, 2007
Have there really been people with functioning tails, and if so, are they vestigial?

Vaccines cultured on aborted fetal tissue? August 25, 2007
What should Christians think of vaccines? Do they have immoral sources? The response reaffirms our principle of being pro-Bible rather than anti-establishment for its own sake.

"God doesn't care a bit" about origins? August 18, 2007
Does it matter what we believe about origins? Isn’t helping the poor more important? The response explains why the issue of origins does matter in many ways—including helping the poor.

Alien Apologetics August 11, 2007
Can Christians co-opt secular psychology’s idea of ‘externalizing anxiety’ to reach UFO believers who resist ‘logic’ and ‘evidence’?

Sheep and goats? Since when? July 28, 2007
Is all speciation post-Flood, or did some speciation occur pre-Flood? Did people breed sheep and goats before the Flood?

Is Young-Earth Creationism a heresy? Absence of short-lived radionuclides a problem? July 21, 2007
An anticreationist attacks biblical creation as heresy, although biblical heresy is an oxymoron. The response also refutes a common argument about the absence of short-lived isotopes, beloved of atheists and progressive creationists, and answers some alleged biblical contradictions.

Misotheist's misology: Richard Dawkins attacks Michael Behe July 14, 2007
Antitheists argue against any challenge to their materialism, but use many fallacies to do so. Richard Dawkins is a prime example in his recent tirade against Michael Behe.

Methuselah and the Ark; Dirt and 'supergerms' July 7, 2007
Why did God find favour only with Noah if Methuselah was still alive? And if ‘supergerms’ really are super, how could a dosing of ‘dirt-common’ germs defeat them?

Was Leviathan a Parasaurolophus? June 30, 2007
Leviathan has long been a puzzle, but a likely solution is in sight. A major problem was the limits on the information that fossils can provide.

Atheism is more rational? June 23, 2007
Is atheism simply non-belief or an active belief? Who has the ‘burden of proof’: atheists or theists.

How do people come into a right relationship with God? June 16, 2007
How did people who lived prior to Jesus’ time get saved, as they could not have put their faith in him? And how does that apply to Muslims?

'Southwest Colorado Man' and the year of the one-tooth wonders June 9, 2007
An enquirer asks about ‘Southwest Colorado Man’. This gives an opportunity to discuss some of the other amazing ‘human evolution’ claims made on the basis of fragmentary evidence.

Answer to philosophy/religion professor on biblical exegesis and the problem of evil June 2, 2007
Why is there suffering in the world? And how do we explain some of the ‘harsh’ laws of the Old Testament?

Did God know Adam would sin? May 26, 2007
Why did God create us in the first place, if He knew we were going to sin—wouldn’t that make God responsible for sin?

Should CMI take a stand on eschatology? May 19, 2007
Why disagreements over Revelation are generally qualitatively different to those over Genesis.

Conspiracy and doomsday scenarios May 12, 2007
Was the US Government really behind 9/11? Is destructive weather really being generated by secret ‘scalar interferometry’ weapons? Are such claims true, and what should Christians do about it?

What is 'good'? (Answering Euthyphro Dilemma) May 5, 2007
A reader brings up an ancient dilemma about God and goodness. A biblical understanding grasps both horns of the dilemma.

Is evolution really essential for biology? April 28, 2007
Evolution is claimed to be essential for biology, but it is really irrelevant. Common structures and natural selection are NOT evolution.

'Junk' DNA, asteroid impacts and supernovas April 21, 2007
A supporter asks for help in answering challenges posed by Darwinists.

Evaluating an evolutionary science curriculum April 14, 2007
How should creationists respond? Should we oppose evolutionary curricula outright?

Evolution by fiat and faith March 31, 2007
Exercising faith over fact, botanist Hugo de Vries triumphantly proclaimed a plant he bred to be a newly evolved species. Sadly, a century later some evolutionists still use his discredited example.

Carbon dating into the future March 24, 2007
Carbon ‘dating’ sometimes produces negative ages, i.e. dates in the future. How can that be?

Did Eve lie before the Fall? March 17, 2007
Eve told the Serpent that God commanded no touching the forbidden fruit, when He had simply said don’t eat. Was humanity’s first sin Eve lying?

Dawkins' Delusion (continued) March 10, 2007
More atheists on a mission: Dawkins’ fans object to review of The God Delusion

Fast food firms up alien beliefs March 3, 2007
Are your children being served a ‘side’ of spiritual falsehood along with their ‘fries and cola?’

sonoluminescence February 25, 2007
Did God speak light into existence via sonoluminescence?

Aliens, evolution and the occult February 24, 2007
Grateful reader of Alien Intrusion has questions. Descriptions of ‘alien encounters’ often match cultural expectations.

More or less information? February 17, 2007
Responding to vexatious evolutionist challenges about genetic information.

Creationist qualifications February 10, 2007
While many sceptics claim that creationist qualifications are fraudulent, in reality CMI’s and almost all other creationist scientists have genuine degrees. Why do old- and young-earth creationists disagree?

'Peripheral matters' & The Lord was working in a lot of peoples' hearts February 3, 2007
Many claim that Genesis creation is a mere side issue. But without Creation and the Fall, there is no basis for Redemption. Further, as shown, it has demonstrable outreach benefits.

Mangling misotheism January 27, 2007
Many atheists barely even attempt a reasoned argument. The response shows that consistent Christianity provides the only logical basis for morality, charity, reason and science.

Does the Bible teach error? January 20, 2007
Many alleged contradictions in Scripture are solved by pointing out Jewish citation methods and distinguishing thematic from chronological order.

Surrogate Mothering and IVF: are they biblical? January 13, 2007
Reader asks whether modern fertility methods such as IVF and surrogacy are biblically acceptable.