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Oil starlight time December 18, 2010
For oil reserves, for distant starlight to reach the earth, and for God (who created time)

Sola scriptura December 4, 2010
How do we know which books should be in the Bible which should not?

Compromising chaplain castigates creation 2 November 27, 2010
A school chaplain takes issue with our previous comments.

Genesis poetry father hermeutics November 20, 2010
This weekend feedback discusses the origin of the non-literal interpretation of Genesis, and who deserves the title ‘Father of Hermeneutics’.

Soil formation challenge November 13, 2010
Soil formation is often invoked as a death blow to the historical reliability of the Bible and justify evolution over millions of years.

Genesis and Haeckel November 6, 2010
Is Genesis history? And universities still use Haeckel’s fraudulent embryo diagrams!

Ancient Flood stories October 30, 2010
Is the Genesis account the original and most reliable Flood narrative?

Parents teaching children October 23, 2010
Children are not yet capable of sorting through truth claims themselves, so who will teach them how?

Can bunny rabbits be saved? October 16, 2010
Since there is going to be a Restoration, will animals be saved to be part of the new creation—and if not, will animals be there at all?

Methane ethane pseudogenes October 9, 2010
Can methane be broken down into ethane? And yet another pseudogene has been shown to have a function, which further debunks the ‘junk DNA’ claim.

Compromising chaplain castigates creation October 2, 2010
A theistic evolutionary chaplain explains why he blocked the Ark Van from his school. His errors in theology, logic and science are thoroughly refuted.

Animal cruelty vegetarianism September 25, 2010
The Bible calls people to treat animals humanely, but does that mean we should be vegetarians?

Science laws speciation September 18, 2010
What do ‘scientific laws’ tell us? And can foxes interbreed with other dog species?

Black holes lilith September 11, 2010
Is there any evidence for the existence of black holes? And did Adam have another wife named Lilith?

Exodus logistics September 4, 2010
How did Moses organize the Israelites to cross the Red Sea?

Sight and the centre of the universe August 28, 2010
How far is the earth from the centre of the universe? And How many receptors does the human eye have?

Ionic error August 21, 2010
A critic accuses one of our magazine interviewees of chemical ignorance. The interviewer, a Ph.D. chemist, shows that the ignorance lies with the critic.

Does Gods foreknowledge entail fatalism? August 17, 2010
Does God’s foreknowledge impair free will? See the fallacy in modal logic that critics fall for.

Science existence of god August 14, 2010
Can science even give such proof?

Time travel August 7, 2010
What are the moral implications of time travel? Is it even logically possible?

Creationists dont hate science July 31, 2010
Rather than hating science, the biblical worldview gave birth to science

Hecklers July 24, 2010
Don’t be too distressed if hecklers try to disrupt your efforts at creation evangelism. They might be doing some unintended good.

ET curse logic July 17, 2010
One reader queries CMI’s logic re ET and the Curse; another queries our use of the term ‘long-age Christian’.

Hoax testimony hoax endorsement July 10, 2010
Is eating shellfish just as much an abomination as homosexual behaviour? Refutation of sarcastic atheopathic internet letter. Plus feedback from “Greatest Hoax?” and “Refuting Compromise”

Müller cells refuting Dawkins: feedback July 3, 2010
Many atheopaths are reeling from the demolition of their hero Dawkins by the new Müller cell discoveries in the eye.

Avatar Aspirations June 26, 2010
An alternative religious belief is spawned by popular culture. A critic engages CMI without necessarily realizing the root of such beliefs.

Does old universe better display Gods power June 19, 2010
A correspondent thinks billions of years is more appropriate as an analogy to God’s timelessness. Our response shows why this is flawed.

Ignore Atheists June 12, 2010
A correspondent says we should ignore the atheists—and also claims that we are making a fundamental error in relation to the Bible.

Tourist guides June 5, 2010
How should we respond when tourist guides tell us things are millions of years old?

Does worldview have to be livable? May 29, 2010
Christianity passes the test with flying colours.

Moral compass May 22, 2010
The skeptic’s objection that Eve should not have been punished—as she could not have known right from wrong—is easily answered.

Monkeying with probability May 15, 2010
Readers challenge CMI about the likelihood of monkeys being able to type the 23rd Psalm.

Ark hominids rib wrangles May 8, 2010
Could the ancestors of Australopithecus sediba have been on the Ark? Also, what do we do about ‘Adam’s rib’, given online contradictory claims about the capacity of ribs to regenerate?

Hermaphrodites and homosexuality May 1, 2010
Because a tiny number of people have genuine biological gender identity issues, such as being hermaphrodite, does not mean that homosexual practices should be legitimized.

Does CMI misunderstand how science works? April 24, 2010
A correspondent claims that our article on fish-to-tetrapod evolution is bad science.

Cannot blame CMI April 17, 2010
Is CMI responsible for the scientific illiteracy of the average churchgoer? And also for the continued promotion by some of the ‘Vapour Canopy’ theory?

Deep thinking April 10, 2010
The matter of origins can raise lots and lots and LOTS of issues in people’s minds.

Gentle answer mt dna April 3, 2010
1 Peter 3:15 instructs Christians to ‘always be ready to give an answer’ yet with ‘gentleness and respect’—even to atheists. Also, we update a reader enquiring about ‘mitochondrial Eve’.

Is God Christian wish fulfillment March 27, 2010
An atheist correspondent asserts that Christian belief in God stems from a desire for a Heavenly Father to take care of us, but his argument commits a major logical fallacy.

Patriarchs teeth March 20, 2010
With the likes of Adam, Methuselah, Noah and Shem living for hundreds of years, how could the enamel and dentin of their teeth have lasted for so long?

Claimed Bible errors March 13, 2010
If there are errors of detail in the Bible, doesn’t that mean that everything—including the Resurrection—is open to question?

Polygamy hobbit March 6, 2010
A correspondent asks about guidance for his country’s new converts to Christ who come from areas where polygamy is common. Another asks about the ‘Hobbit’ classified as Homo floresiensis.

Debate refusal reaction February 27, 2010
In the lead-up to next month’s Global Atheist Conference, there’s been a strident, and polarized, reaction to atheists’ refusal to debate CMI.

Valentines Day shock February 20, 2010
At church last weekend, a correspondent was ‘moved’, to say the least.

Cryonics soul immortality February 13, 2010
Could technology one day provide immortality? Could deep frozen corpses be revived? A reader’s question provides food for thought.

Old earth belief February 6, 2010
As word of the upcoming Creation Supercamp in the US begins to spread, some surprising beliefs are coming to light.

Wisdom created or Jesus January 30, 2010
A reader asks about a pastor’s claim that the first thing God created was Wisdom.

Defending Theistic Evolutionists January 23, 2010
Constructive dialogue urged instead.

Can know truth January 16, 2010
If we cannot know the truth, as some claim, then Jesus was wrong. Also, experiences must be judged by God’s Word, the Bible.

Creationists hypocritical January 9, 2010
Answering the caricature that evolution is science but creation is faith.

Irrational knuckle brains January 2, 2010
More straight thinking is needed over the ‘conflict’ between Christianity and evolution.