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Aboriginal cannibalism December 29, 2013
Is it true, and how does this relate to the evolution-inspired belief that Australia’s indigenous people are ‘less evolved’?

Bible historical reliable December 22, 2013
Is the Bible ‘riddled with historical errors’?

Experiencers December 15, 2013
Gary Bates gives some strategies for talking with people who believe that they have seen or been abducted by extraterrestrials.

Muhammad was wrong December 8, 2013
How do we decide which revelation is genuine and which isn’t?

Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender December 1, 2013
A correspondent accuses CMI of making ‘attacks on Transgendered individuals’.

God's days November 24, 2013
Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers a query on the length of God’s days.

Post-fall changes November 17, 2013
An enquirer asks what mechanisms were at work so as to change the perfect world God originally created into the violent, disease infested world we now live in.

Loaded terms November 10, 2013
Using words that speak the evolutionist’s language.

Miracles Red Sea Jonah November 3, 2013
How should we think about biblical miracles, both specifically and generally?

Missing link October 27, 2013
What does the term ‘missing link’ mean? Is it helpful? And is a ‘minimum breeding population’ an argument against Genesis?

Evolutionary psychology October 20, 2013
Explaining everything … and nothing.

George jamieson april ashley gender reassignment October 13, 2013
A correspondent challenges CMI’s recent article on ‘transsexualism’.

Natural law October 6, 2013
Playing philosophical games with natural law—when it suits.

Truth with grace September 29, 2013
The best way to communicate truth is with ‘gentleness and respect’.

Origins vs operational science September 22, 2013
What’s the difference?

Unique fish September 15, 2013
How did they get there?

Common ground September 8, 2013
How significant is the common rejection of evolution that biblical creationists share with old-earth creationists?

New challenges September 1, 2013
Sometimes we receive challenges we’ve never faced before. How should we deal with them?

Geology Sphinx Bible August 25, 2013
Understanding the timing of geological events in the light of Scripture.

Bible awful rules August 18, 2013
Is the Good Book really good?

Egyptian chronologies August 11, 2013
Egyptologist Patrick Clarke responds to an enquiry about research into apparent conflicts between the Bible and conventional Egyptian chronologies.

Women in Gods image August 4, 2013
Or is the image of God limited to males?

xy chromosome myths July 28, 2013
And other myths about the genetics and development of the sexes

Only God July 27, 2013
And what about demon possession vs mental illness?

Gender confusion July 21, 2013
There seems to be a rising incidence of boys who behave as girls and vice versa. What is going on?

No fish on noahs ark July 16, 2013
And other misconceptions about Noah’s cargo.

Ool still too hard July 14, 2013
Not so hard after all?

Arguing about authority July 13, 2013
The use and abuse of credentials in argumentation.

secular ten commandments July 9, 2013
Or just 10 vague suggestions that may or may not be good to follow?

Magnetic fields and the science of biblical creation July 6, 2013
Do magnetic fields decay exponentially?

Saturn still young July 4, 2013
Not so young after all?

Man the creature June 30, 2013
Is man an animal? A mammal? A primate? Or something more …

Studying evolution and Hitler June 23, 2013
And: Did Hitler ban Darwin’s Origin of Species?

Natural or unnatural June 16, 2013
Many evolutionists consider much of today’s human behaviour ‘unnatural’. But not when it comes to homosexual ‘marriage’, apparently!

Atheism-theism brain split June 15, 2013
A neurologist describes a case where two parts of the brain seem to have conflicting beliefs about God’s existence, and mockingly asks which ‘entity’ will go to heaven?

Aggressive atheists June 9, 2013
How should a Christian respond to a hostile critic?

Eye wiring June 8, 2013
Claims that the eye-brain nerve connections are incredibly improbable fail to see the proper source of wonder: the brain’s incredible ability to learn to see.

Building ancient pyramids giza June 2, 2013
Could the stones of the Great Pyramid be cast concrete? Could they have been set in place without ramps?

Natural law creation week June 1, 2013
Miracles without ‘violations’ of natural law?

NDE2 May 26, 2013
How should we interpret experiences of people who claim to have seen the afterlife?

Trinity spacetime May 25, 2013
Is Jesus intrinsically bound in spacetime?

Multicellular yeast May 19, 2013
Does this prove molecules-to-man evolution?

OT animals May 12, 2013
CMI answers a range of questions about animals in the Old Testament.

Pioneer anomaly heat May 11, 2013
Is the Pioneer anomaly solved by excess heat radiated forward of the spacecrafts?

Universal negatives May 5, 2013
The logic of biblical creation.

Karst mountains guangxi china April 28, 2013
How do we investigate specific geological features from a biblical Flood perspective?

One god April 27, 2013
Could there have been multiple deities?

Dealing with doubt April 21, 2013
There are good ways back to faith if believers sometimes experience doubt in their Christian walk.

Culture vs intelligence April 20, 2013
Which explains why some people groups advanced more quickly than others?

Flood geology secular catastrophism April 14, 2013
Creationist earth scientist Shaun Doyle discusses some of the differences.

Distant starlight and the days of Genesis 1 April 13, 2013
How should we approach the distant starlight travel time issue? How do we argue against day-age theory?

Creation evangelism March 24, 2013
The ‘big picture’ in which the Gospel makes sense.

Attacks accusations March 23, 2013
A skeptic claims to be able to present thousands of arguments disproving what CMI believes.

Abortions vs miscarriages March 17, 2013
The crucial difference between abortion and miscarriage.

Could Jesus sin March 16, 2013
Dr Jonathan Sarfati answers a couple of questions from readers: whether it was possible for Jesus to sin, and whether the design in nature points to a single designer.

God moral obligation March 10, 2013
And: how precise are the Genesis genealogies?

Virtual debates March 9, 2013
What should Christians do when ‘the going gets tough’ in online debating?

Defending Faith of Our Fathers March 3, 2013
Dr Chan Kei Thong, author of Faith of our Fathers, answers a critical review.

Eternal universe March 2, 2013
How and where does God fit into the scheme of all things?

Jesus israels god February 24, 2013
A Rabbi asks us to stop mentioning Jesus.

Perspectives on attraction February 23, 2013
Why people do what they do, from evolutionary and biblical viewpoints.

Evolution makes Christians February 19, 2013
A charge that CMI causes ‘Christians’ to leave the faith is not substantiated.

Nature peer review February 17, 2013
Known creationists blacklisted at major journals.

Creation evangelism helpful February 16, 2013
Creation outreach should be an important part of any believer’s ‘apologetics arsenal’.

Centaurs February 10, 2013
Is the creationist dragon/dino link similar to ancient belief in centaurs?

Same data different interpretations February 9, 2013
Do we interpret data to understand the past, or does the data automatically give us the story?

Refuting Noahs ark critics February 3, 2013
Article ‘How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?’ has recently been subjected to a barrage of atheistic attacks. However, all fail against simple genetics and animal husbandry methods.

Calibrating carbon dating February 2, 2013
Why is calibration necessary for carbon dating?

6000 years Q&A January 27, 2013
The article ‘How does the Bible teach 6,000 years?’ raised many questions about biblical chronology and authority.

Does yôm with a number always refer to 24-hour days? January 20, 2013
2 Chronicles 21:19 and the meaning of yôm.

Triune God Gospel January 19, 2013
People sometimes think we’re only concerned about creation, but our prime concern is the gospel.

Knowing god made nature January 13, 2013
If we accept evolution, and thus reject the accuracy of the Bible, what basis do we have left for even saying that He created?

10 big questions January 12, 2013
Answering questions on biblical authority, death from sin, dinosaur age, and much more.

The Bible vs slavery January 6, 2013
Many biblioskeptics attack the Bible for teaching racism and slavery, but it was actually biblical teaching that abolished these evils.

Mteve biblical eve January 5, 2013
The creation model doesn’t need tweaking to fit with the evidence.