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How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago? December 18, 2021
How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago?

Why would a designer leave debris floating in space? December 11, 2021
Are cratered planetary landscapes and moonscapes, and colliding galaxies, evidence against an Intelligent Designer?

Speleothem growth in caves vs man-made structures December 4, 2021
A question is asked about sceptics’ responses to creationists using speedy growth rates of speleothems under man-made structures to illustrate speedy natural cave formations

Is there any evidence for evolution? November 20, 2021
A lot depends on what we mean by ‘evidence’.

Does God judge sinners? November 13, 2021
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?

Order in the fossil record November 6, 2021
How can Noah’s Flood explain it?

Did morality evolve? October 23, 2021
Answering the claim that morality can arise through a naturalistic evolutionary process.

Answering yet more objections from the village atheist October 16, 2021
People sometimes feel overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of anti-Christian rhetoric that others put out, but most of those arguments can easily be answered with a little thought.

Did God use big bang October 9, 2021
Is the big bang compatible with God’s creation described in Genesis?

Different understandings of origins? October 2, 2021
How important are different understandings of origins?

Genetic entropy and human lifespans September 11, 2021
If the human genome is degrading, shouldn’t lifespans be getting shorter?

Answering Alien Questions August 14, 2021
We answer some questions regarding extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

Sevens in the Bible August 7, 2021
A reason to doubt God created in a literal week?

How can we tell who is right? July 24, 2021
Is there a simple way to make such a decision?

Help for teachers required to teach evolution July 17, 2021
Advice for teachers who may be required to teach evolution in the classroom.

Robert Carter gets everything wrong? July 10, 2021
Daniel Stern-Cardinale and Joshua Swamidass have made many false claims about creationism and creationists. DSC and Erika “Gutsick Gibbon” were at it again recently, but once again refused to listen to our answers.

Interpretation Argument June 26, 2021
An ex-Christian posts a video claiming to have an irrefutable argument against Christianity. We respond.

T. rex, cats and attack-defense structures in a pre-Fall world. June 12, 2021
Answering a question about the purpose of attack-defence structures like claws, and about vegetarian diets pre-Fall.

Who is wrong about the biblical date of the Flood, and the Great Pyramids? Somebody must be wrong somewhere… June 5, 2021
John B from the UK writes into CMI questioning the article Time fears the pyramids? How they fit into the true biblical history. Gavin Cox and Gary Bates respond.

Is God’s existence irrelevant? Are Christians irrational? May 15, 2021
When an atheist does not believe in debate, but asserts the proof of non-existence of God, while calling the Christian irrational!

Post-Flood boundary May 8, 2021
Are disagreements among creation researchers reason to doubt biblical creation?

Missing Matter found? May 1, 2021
A new study claims to have found the same amount of matter as the Big Bang predicted

Salter’s trilobite evidence for biblical history April 21, 2021
Evidence for a young earth and biblical history.

Memory, the brain, and the soul April 17, 2021
A reader asks—if memories are stored in the brain, what basis is there for belief in the soul?

Did a Chicxulub impact wipe out dinosaurs? April 10, 2021
Did a meteorite really wipe out the dinosaurs? If not, what did?

The Attenborough eye-worm argument against God March 27, 2021
The esteemed presenter of memorable nature documentaries has a standard answer when asked about a creator.

God and the beginning of the universe March 20, 2021
Could God have entered into time?

Do we throw out contrary evidence? March 13, 2021
A reader asks us to clarify whether CMI has a blind allegiance to the Bible.

Are we free to be as creative as we want? March 6, 2021
How much freedom do we have to artistically represent what God has described in the Bible? Creativity must not be a licence to misrepresent the truth.

Adam, Eve, Noah and the Flood—in Ancient Egypt? February 13, 2021
Answering an interesting question about whether the Ancient Egyptians knew about Adam’s genealogies up to Noah and Mizraim.

God not nice? February 6, 2021
God killed the entire population of the earth, except Noah and his family, during the Flood. Was this evil?

Could Jesus sin? January 30, 2021
A reader contests our assertion that Jesus couldn’t have sinned.

Christianity and the origin of religion January 23, 2021
Did we just invent religion? What was the original religion? Was Christianity copied from pagan religions?

Responding to William Lane Craig on Inerrancy January 16, 2021
Do the Gospels contain contradictions concerning Peter’s three denials of Christ?

Is God our mother? January 9, 2021
Do feminine comparisons in Scripture mean God is our mother?

Drying out after the Flood January 2, 2021
One objection to a global Flood is the thought that the wind that blew across the earth would be insufficient to dry the land. This is nonsense.