Finding the truth for myself

I am a 17-year-old high school student, and I have been mentally debating creation and evolution for over a year now. This was due to my friend who was, at the time, an avid atheist (he's now a Catholic, though I'm not sure how he presently stands on the issue of origins). I wanted to find the truth for myself, so I began to research the issue by becoming familiar with the book "Genesis, Creation, and Early Man," as well as "Body by Design," among other resources such as a few secular websites.

I found that, as Ken Ham so eloquently put, "The argument is over the same evidence." In my studies I was overly worried that I was looking too much from one side of the issue (creationist/intelligent design), but I soon discovered that the evolutinist side was so convinced that their theory was "proven fact" that they have neglected to show any good reason (other than those already refuted by creationists) to believe that such a thing is true.

In contemplation, most, if not all, of the secular theories of origins only build on the assumption that our universe is uncreated and/or self-generating. It seems that in these latter days, creationists are picking up scientific credentials more and more, while the evolutionists are perpetuating their religious adherence to an ever-changing (read: inconclusive) theory. I'm glad I took the creationist path in this debate, since in retrospect it has been the secular world which has lost much evidence and clings to a self-satisfying worldview, no matter what the facts say.

The reason I decided to write was because of the push that your 4-minute sample of the DVD "The Genesis Debate: Wieland vs. Willis" gave me. In those few minutes, I began to realize how "behind" some of the defenders of humanism are, in this case to the point of citing a seemingly ancient issue (formation of sandstone in the Flood). This was the tiny bit of encouragement I needed to finally be wholeheartedly faithful to Christ our God, whose message I tossed aside in favor of my own corrupted reason.

Thank you very much for all the help you've provided in my search for the Truth. I trust that all of you will continue to do a marvelous job on the website and in your publications by defending the authority of the One True God and His revelation of Creation.

By the way, I will pray for the construction of the museum as avidly as I can, since neither I nor my family can afford to help support it financially. If possible, I hope to visit soon after its completion. May the Good Lord bring you many blessings as the museum nears finalization. God Bless all of you.


Published: 3 February 2006