From “fish to Gish” … to a fond wish

April 26, 2005

Dr. Duane Gish

Dr. Duane Gish, creation’s best-known and most-formidable debater against evolutionists (almost 300 debates)—and internationally famous for telling audiences in about 40 countries that he doesn’t believe in the evolution story of “fish to Gish”—has announced his retirement at the age of 84 as the senior vice president of the Institute for Creation Research.

[We] wish to thank him sincerely for his many decades of significant accomplishments in defending the creation account of Genesis.

For those of us who know Dr. Gish well, we realize he will never fully retire. Yes, he is now 84, but this “Energizer Bunny” (as many in the creation community affectionately call him) will still be semi-active.

Dr. Duane T. Gish

Dr. Gish has a B.S. in chemistry from UCLA and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California (Berkeley).  He spent a total of 18 years in biochemical research with Cornell University Medical College (NYC), with the Virus Laboratory, U. of Cal.-Berkeley and on the research staff of the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company (Michigan). He has published approximately 40 articles in scientific journals and is the author of several books on creation (including for young people). During WW II, Dr. Gish served in the Pacific.

* Phi Beta Kappa
* Phi Sigma Upsilon
* Who’s Who in the West
* American Men of Science

* American Chemical Society
* Fellow: American Institute of Chemists
* American Association for the Advancement of Science

For example, he told [us] that he intends to update his classic book Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No! and will write a book on his specialty, biochemistry. (He will examine some of the so-called “origin of life” experiments conducted by evolutionists who have been trying to simulate life-by-chance in a laboratory.) His Ph.D. in biochemistry from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley uniquely qualifies him to write a book that will critically examine such “chemical evolution” theories. And yes, on occasion, he will accept a speaking engagement. […]

We wish Dr. Gish and his wife, Lolly, the very best and God’s blessing as they slow down the pace in their lives and enjoy some leisurely travel … but still be involved in his passion to proclaim the creation/gospel message.

Published: 9 February 2006