Geological forum on Green River Formation, USA

Journal 20(1)

In Journal of Creation 20(1), two creationist geologists, Michael J. Oard and John H. Whitmore, debate how the Green River Formation fits within a biblical framework. (The introduction can be seen here.)

Perhaps you have never imagined that the Green River Formation has anything to do with the Bible.

If so, this forum is for you.

Whether you realize it or not, the way you see yourself, how you understand your world, and the path you take in life, have been affected by the geological ideas that float around our culture.

Geology impacts the big questions of life, such as where did I come from, why am I here, and what does my future hold.

Until you look at things from a different perspective, you can’t imagine how our geological culture has shaped your thinking

Journal 20(1)

GRF fossil fish, Knightia, famous in fossil shops worldwide.

That’s why the recently published geological forum about the Green River Formation in west-central USA is significant.

Oard argues that the Green River Formation was deposited during Noah’s Flood. Whitmore says it was deposited after the Flood. Both geologists have explored the rocks in the field and they carefully set out reasons for their position.

You be the judge.

The Forum on the Green river Formation is available in issue 20(1) of the Journal of Creation.

We have made this forum available on the web. See the introduction here.

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Published: 24 April 2006