Get a precision cast of a Real Fossil Dinosaur Footprint


Discovered by creationists in British Columbia several years ago, this footprint comes from an area with some of the best preserved dinosaur trackways in Canada!

For donations of $300 or more, you will receive:

  • a 9 x 11 x 1 inch think precision cast of a fossilized dinosaur footprint from the Tumbler Ridge area in BC, designed to be mounted on a wall in your home.
  • a certificate of authenticity signed by Dr Emil Silvestru.
  • a copy of Dr Emil Silvestru’s world-first report on the footprint series in BC, published in CMI’s Journal of Creation (formerly TJ).  This report details the discovery of the trackway by creationists, the initial excitement surrounding possible human fossil footprints in the same area and Dr Silvestru’s careful research and conclusions about these amazingly clear dinosaur footprints. 

Receive two footprints for a donation of $550
Receive three footprints for a donation of $700

dinosaur footprint

Each print is numbered and cast from hydro-stone, a durable, heavy, rock-like material.  These precision cast footprints were made at the Canadian CMI office under the direction of a Montreal-based expert in moulding and casting with a (European) Master degree in Arts and Design.

Your support of Creation Ministries International enables us to do this kind of creationist research and produce magazines like the Journal of Creation and this website to equip Christians all over the world with faith-building information, and to challenge entrenched evolutionary dogma so prevalent in society today.



Donation options:

  • Donate online.  In the ‘comments’ field be sure to type the number of fossil footprints you would like.
  • call our office at 1-888-251-5360 and have your VISA or MasterCard ready
  • mail a cheque to:

Creation Ministries International
5–420 Erb St W, Suite 213
Waterloo, ON   N2L 6K6

As a registered charity, CMI provides Canadians with a tax deducible receipt for donations made to this ministry.  An official donation receipt will be mailed to you in early 2007 for all donations made in 2006, less $25 per footprint.  (I.e., a donation of $300 for one footprint will result in a donation receipt for $275.)  

Read Dr Silvestru’s report on the footprint series in British Columbia.

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