Getting the message out

Feedback 6 August 2004

Dear AiG,

Last September, you gave me permission to copy articles for distribution at my church. I have no idea how much of an effect it is having, but I thought I would give you a boost with a brief report. Each month I have put together a 10 page report which includes a brief introduction (1–5 pages by me, usually just 1) and a few articals from TJ. Typically, in our church of over 2,000, anywhere from 200 to 365 copies go out. I assume that whole families read them, so that could mean as many as 1,000 people get the message. I have covered Human Evolution, Searching For Moses, Evidence for Recent Dinosaurs, Flood Myths, had 2 geology reports and 2 astronomy reports and one on the paucity of fossil transitions in the plant family alone. This has gone on for 10 months/10 editions and only one (sweet) person has complained. I gave her a copy of Richard Milton’s "Shattering the Myths of Darwinism" because it appears that a non-Christian has written very negatively about evolutionary dating methods. It is my hope that all this information save souls, build up faith and bring down anti-Christian bias in the public schools.

I actually don’t get a lot of feedback, but the fact that so many take copies every first Sunday of the month is very exciting. Occasionally I hear positive stuff. The best was a story of a young girl, maybe eight years old. She is a believer and her father is probably an atheist, so she has taken a copy every month to give to her father. Others are thankful. The children’s ministry coordinator has decided to make creation the focus of Sunday school for elementary and middle school level kids for eight weeks this summer. Praise God!

thank you and God Bless your ministry!
– T.K., USA

Published: 3 February 2006