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Creation 34(2):55, April 2012

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Signs point people the wrong way


Glass house mountain

Almost everywhere you travel today, you will find tourist signs to tell you about what you are looking at. I saw a sign recently at a panoramic lookout over the Glass House Mountains, north of Brisbane. Those who made the sign as well as those who read it probably would not realise that the sign presents a biased view that profoundly affects people’s understanding of the world.

Consider this extract:

“The Glass House Mountains were once lava plugs within volcanic cones. The volcanic cones and surrounding Landsborough sandstone were eroded by wind and water over 25 million years to reveal the lava plugs which you can see today.”

Let’s separate fact from speculation. The mountains that tourists admire from the lookout are fact. Their shape and the rocks they are made of make it plain they were once volcanoes. That they were eroded by wind and water over 25 million years was never observed. It is a philosophy or a belief that what we see happening now is what happened in the past. But it ignores recorded history. The true history of the Bible describes a global Flood in Noah’s day, so the sign should read:

“The Glass House Mountains were once lava plugs within volcanic cones. These erupted about half-way through Noah’s Flood about 4,500 years ago. The volcanic cones and surrounding Landsborough sandstone were eroded by the floodwaters as they receded into the ocean, revealing the lava plugs which you can see today. Relatively little erosion has happened since then.”

Here we have made a few small changes to the wording on the sign, but what a big change it would make to the way people look at the landscape.1

References and notes

  1. See also Walker, T., Looking into the Glass House Mountains, Australia, Creation 31(4):54–55, September 2009; creation.com/glasshouse. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Peter B.
Why not a full-scale CMI article on why the 225my Somerset gabbro age is wrong?
Tas Walker
Hi Peter,
Check out this full-scale article by geologist Dr Andrew Snelling on the age of the layered intrusion.

Note this conclusion: "... the Somerset Dam layered mafic intrusion has inherited the radioisotopic signature of its mantle source, and so the conventional radioisotopic dating techniques do not provide its true age."
Richard B.
I can appreciate your desire to see such signs either changed completely or at least be countered by a Christian perspective, as I lived in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies for ten years. The motto of the town was "Wonderful by Nature." Behind the town was a trail with "interpretive" signs, just as an example, and the one that always made me smile was in reference to the large Douglas Fir trees. As opposed to the highly flammable pine trees, the sign was remarking how fir trees survive wildfires through their thick protective bark, but the gist of the sign was that this was an adaptive development over countless years. The humourous thing was that if you analyzed what was being said, you got the distinct impression that we were to admire these very clever trees for having come together years ago to plan a strategy against fire with their successful decision to develop a thicker bark! Bravo, fir trees! Maybe you [Douglas Firs] should share your tip with the poor Lodgepole Pines!
Tas Walker
That's an interesting case of "adaptation", like the examples in Speedie species surprise.
Jeannette P.
Hello and thank you Tas. You have a gift for making geology understandable to a non-geologist!

Without doubting for a moment that the Flood happened about 4,500 years ago I wonder about a detail of your suggested, more correct, version of the history of these mountains.

You said: “The Glass House Mountains were once lava plugs within volcanic cones. These erupted about half-way through Noah’s Flood...”

How do you know that they "erupted about half-way through Noah’s Flood" rather than at the beginning or end, or a while afterwards, when there would probably have been a lot of continued volcanic activity? None of us alive today were present during the Flood, so you could be accused of making unprovable assumptions just as Evolutionists do about millions of years.
Tas Walker
Hi Jeannette,
That is a really important question. I did not include any justification in the article because it needed to be short.
Geologists work out the relative timing of rocks using a number of principles such as: original horizontality, superposition, lateral continuity, cross-cutting relationships, intrusive relationships (Google "principles relative dating"). This order says nothing about the actual age of the rocks, and the order is shown on geological maps (not always correct because the rocks are not always easily inspected).
All geologists rely heavily on what other geologists report on their maps and in their monographs. But, in our case, we need to reinterpret what is reported in terms of a biblical geological model because they assume the rocks formed over millions of years.
The Glass House Mountains erupted through the Landsborough Sandstone, which is related to the sediments of the Great Artesian Basin. These have been interpreted as being deposited in the middle of the Flood, as the waters were reaching their peak.
The article "Looking into the Glass House Mountains" explains the reasoning in a bit more detail.
See also the article about the geologic column being a general Flood order.
One feature that is especially valuable for the biblical geologist is the shape of the landscape, because that preserves the effects of erosion by the receding waters of the Flood. Mike Oard has written a whole book on this called "Flood by Design", and this can be obtained from the store at Creation.com (see link above).
Jeff M.
Dear Tas

Please forgive me for being so blunt but you are behaving like a typical Aussie, whingeing when things go against them - like losing a test match or if Team GB get more gold medals (as they usually do).

Get in there and complain about the sign. Someone is responsible for it. Tackle them and get it changed for Jesus.

And do let us have feedback on how you get on. Maybe we can help.

Tas Walker
Thank you Jeff,
You are right; something needs to be done about it. That is why CMI prepared the brochure about the Glass House Mountains (featured at the top of this page) in an effort to get the message out.
We have personally spoken to the various tourist agencies in the area about their including the brochure in their centres, but to date we have not been successful. They indicated they won't include it (even if the brochures are donated) because it mentions the Bible.
We are contacting supporters in the area to let them know about the brochure and encourage them and their churches to use it. If there are people who have contacts in the tourist industry we hope they will pick up the ball and talk about the issue.
This is a global issue, and Creation magazine has been running a regular feature about the way the evolutionary worldview, a religious philosophy, is promoted by public institutions in public places with public funds.
In your country the new visitors' centre at Giant's Causeway was the site of a vicious battle over this issue. It represented a small win for respect and diversity because the creation view has continued to be mentioned, albeit in just a 20 second segment of an audio clip. Clearly there is a long way to go for our friends in the UK.
Mark B.
Why should a Christian interpretation be posted? Why not whatever the native peoples of Australia thought about their origin?

Tas Walker
Hi Mark,

First, the Christian view should be posted because a large percentage of the population identify as Christians.
Second, government these days speaks of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion. So the biblical view should be included.
Third, the indigenous story about the Glass House Mountains already features prominently on the signs and in the tourist centres of the area.
Fourth, people should have the opportunity to consider different ideas for themselves rather than government deciding what they can and can't see.
And fifth, in my view, the Bible preserves the true history of the world, and information for the public should reflect the truth.
Joseph Allen K.
Millions and/or billions of years … ????

The same non-sense is stated in the USA when geologists discuss the formation of the Grand Canyon. Likewise, Evolutionists says a pond of water can spontaneously generate a living organism if given millions or billions of years.

The fact is that there is NO place on earth where a canyon or a pond or a mountain can maintain its identity for even 100,000 years. Over any 100,000 year period, a location with a pond could easily be transformed into a mountain and then into an ocean-bottom.

It's high time we remind the Evolutionists that it is ridiculous to claim any pond or lake or canyon or mountain is millions of years old. This claim completely ignores the dramatic upheavals caused by earthquakes, floods, volcanos, meteors, etc.
Evan B.
Yep. Signs can always point us in the wrong directions. The alleged "signs" of evolution have been proven wrong and wrong again. Rocks are perfect examples, and always will be. Rocks have layers, correct? Go get some soil, put it in a tube of water and shake it up, and watch it settle. All of the soil will even out into silt, dirt, etc in perfectly even amounts. Put some soil in a dry tube and put a few drops of water will do nothing but shift the soil around. If he rock layers had formed over millions of years, wouldn't there have been a lot of distortion between the two layers as the new layer formed and it rained on top?

Excellent article, by the way. I'll email it to my friends so that they can find out about it ;)
Jennifer P.
Thanks Tasman, yet another excellent article and re reading of the Northern Ireland Giants Causeway and the ongoing controversy there as well. It is good to continue profiling the issue of tourist (mis) informational signs produced to futher the constant indoctrination of evolution and millions of years of phantasy pre history. The consensus non scientific fairytale told to adults promoted by the anti Christian Leftist intellectual elities.

It is interesting that the mythological Irish giants get equal billing and it always reminds me of Mendelssolns' Fingals Cave music. Stirring stuff !
Many years ago while travelling through the Glasshouse area I happened on a postcard detailing a Flood story by the local aboriginal people. The volcanic plugs were said to be remains of the 8 people that survived a global Flood and there were 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I thought at the time how were the 'numbers' correct to the actual historical event of Noah, his wife and their 3 sons and their wives , 2 of the wives having very close Mitrachonderial DNA , sisters or cousins ? ( my layperson understanding of genetist John Sanford's work ) This intriguing Flood memory has even more legitimacy than the Irish Giants footprints as it is connected to memory of real history when all people groups like the Australian founder Aboriginal people, spread out around the world after the Tower of Babel event 2,200 BC by Biblical chronological authority. ie Gods Word !

The photo on the front page of the weekend Australian 2-3 March 2013 is of the Aboriginal rock art near Laura 50 km West of Cooktown, Cape York. The article states; ' The Quinkan rock art is spread cover at least 230,000 ha of sandstone country and includes works dated back as far as 30,000 years. ... (predating Lascaux and Attamira)
john P.
There is evidence of Noah's flood all over the world- the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland as well as Mount Rouse in Victotia-the basalt country around Penshurst and elsewhere in Australia. The correct signs could open people's eyes, but some do not wish to see the truth. All fossils point to the flood and its after effects as well.
Great article, Tas.
Hans G.
Those Millions of years have to cover and hide for the insecurity by the evolutionists. Those years are like the big ocean, you can hide so many things and ordinary somebody never will find it.
Peter B.
Changing the decals does not make a Mazda a Mercedes! Is the Somerset gabbro still the 225 million years old that you determined in 1996?
Tas Walker
Hi Peter,
Your decal analogy works both ways. Saying the rocks formed over millions of years does not make it so when they in fact formed during Noah's Flood.
No, I do not believe the gabbro is that age, and I didn't at the time. Part of my aim was to explore the factors that determined the distribution of radio-isotopes with the gabbro. I thought that the fact that it is a layered gabbro could preserve some clues. I did find some interesting correlations that did not relate to radioactive decay, and I included a chapter on this in the thesis. I also included a chapter on another model for the source of the layering apart from slow-and-gradual cooling.

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