God glorified on campus

I wanted to give a report on a recent experience of mine. I have been studying creation science for about 6 years and have attended Creation 2003 conference and have read much of your materials including Creation magazine and anything by Jonathan Safarti [sic]. I recently had a chance to put my research to work. A professor at my college is a local “expert” on creation/evolution and has been a guest at other colleges for “Darwin Days” and other evolution events. I challenged her to a written debate in our school paper and she denied the opportunity (she was defeated by an ICR speaker in an on-campus debate about 4 years ago). The editor of the paper was so shocked by her attitude during our discussion of it that he ran my article by itself. I showed that the sexes are one example of irreducible complexity that could have never evolved. This has obviously created quite a stir around campus and especially in the science departments! May God use our work for His glory!

Jeremiah Gibbs

Published: 3 February 2006