The Grasshopper Geologist


It might surprise you to find out that our children’s book, Exploring Geology with Mr. Hibb is currently one of our best-selling resources. So why would a children’s book featuring a curious grasshopper be such a hit?

Because young and old alike, just like Mr. Hibb, are curious to find out more about the world we live in. While most sources constantly tell us that the world, and even ourselves, came after billions of years of slow and gradual processes, Mr. Hibb helps guide us to understand the world in light of the Bible’s historical account.

Immunize your children


You see, most people, including our children, have been told that so-called geological evidence demonstrates that the earth was formed over billions of years. While many Christians don’t believe in evolution, the millions of years idea is arguably the biggest stumbling block when it comes to doubting the authority of Scripture. And it’s no wonder, whether due to school, textbooks, TV, magazines, movies and even cartoons, that most have never heard the other side of the story. Modern geology is the #1 culprit that interprets the mountains, valleys and sedimentary layers as the result of slow and gradual processes over eons of time, directly opposed to the Bible’s account of God’s creation and the catastrophe of the worldwide flood that followed. If we can help people, particularly our young ones, understand where the secular concept of deep time comes from, it will help them discern the information they are going to be confronted with in later life. And as such, the millions of years simply evaporate.

An adult book in disguise

Exploring Geology with Mr. Hibb, Discovering evidence for Creation and the biblical flood isn’t just a kid’s book. In fact, one of our own Ph.D. scientists told us that he learned some new things from this beloved little grasshopper. And the feedback we’ve had already from families is that their children couldn’t put the book down.

Geology Rocks!

Everyone in the family will easily learn, from a scientific and biblical perspective, things like:

The difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. How massive earthquakes might have been a part of the process leading to the worldwide Flood.
How rock layers, valleys and mountains form. Why evolutionary ideas don’t make sense of the facts we see.
How fossils form. How the earth is like a candy jawbreaker.
How the biblical Flood gave us the geological formation we see today. How Noah’s Flood can explain the formation of coal deposits.
The ice age and glaciers. The mystery of the woolly mammoth.

There are even hands-on activities the whole family can enjoy, like rock collecting, building a volcano, fossil hunting, and erosion experiments.

Equip yourself, and your family

The bottom line: We believe this book to be an important resource that demonstrates how the geologic evidence supports the Bible’s account of history, not the evolutionary story. Teach yourself, and your children, so that along with Mr. Hibb, they can satisfy their curious nature, and see the world where we live as God’s creation. It will also allow you to engage, teach and interact with your family in a fun way.

Published: 24 September 2013

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Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb
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