How Far Should Christian Teens Go to Be Accepted?


There is such pressure on today’s teens to fit in. They see it in magazines and hear it from their peers about how to dress, what to say, and how to act. But has your teen ever taken a good look at what communication this is sending to others?

When you ask teens why they dress and act the way they do, you will often hear: “I am just expressing my individuality.” or “I just want to fit in.” The communication we send has consequences that teens often do not consider.

How is dressing like everybody else expressing your individuality? If you really wanted to express your individuality, you would delight in being the unique creature that the Lord created you to be. The consequences of communicating that you are just like everyone else are that others will take you at your word. Only God can see our hearts and judge who we are fairly. We mere humans must rely on the abilities He gave us to discern what is good and bad for us. If you see a large cat with stripes coming toward you with his eyes fixed and his jaws poised for dinner, you begin to size up the situation. If it looks like a tiger and acts like a tiger, it’s probably a good idea to assume he is a tiger and act accordingly!

And how far should a Christian go to fit in? We are called to be in the world but not of it. Remember that if you declare yourself to be a Christian, you are an example to others. Each one of us is a reflection on our parents, all Christians, and Almighty God. Ask yourself: What would Jesus wear?

If you want to express your individuality, dare to be YOURSELF! Remember that you are His child and you fit right in … in His kingdom!

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