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Creation 44(2):6, April 2022

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How is it that I never knew?




One birthday etched in my memory is my friend’s 40th, organized by his wife. It was a surprise party, and about 100 of us guests waited for him behind closed doors. “SURPRISE!” You should have seen his face. His eyes opened wide. He was stunned and astonished. Later that evening he thanked us for coming and described his shock. “How was it possible for all you people to know about this party and for me not to have the faintest idea? How could it be kept so secret with so many people?”

Creation is like that. Although the evidence is overwhelming that God created, most people have not seen it. It is hidden in plain sight. How is that possible? The Bible says there is a deliberate and widespread agenda in the world to suppress the truth (Romans 1:18).

A person can live for 20 or 30 years but never hear any serious discussion that God created just as the Bible says. In pre-school already, their teachers tell them that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. At high school they are taught they evolved from apes. On TV they are shown how the big bang formed the universe billions of years ago. For most, biblical creation does not get on their radar.

Creation magazine changes that. It is a beacon of information that drives ignorance away.

Animals are great evidence for creation. In this issue we spotlight waterfowl, which have design features that point to God’s creative genius. Not only that, but the characteristics of waterfowl display the outworking of events in their history (pp. 28–33).

With our modern technology we feel we are so advanced. Think of what is involved when we navigate our cars using GPS. But it is astounding to learn that migratory birds have been using GPS since ‘the year dot’ (pp. 16–17).

One ploy to dismiss creation is to say that ‘no scientist believes the Bible’. To counter that, Creation magazine often features successful scientists who do. In this issue microbiologist Dr Kevin Anderson gives his remarkable story (pp. 21–25).

You will be fascinated by many engrossing articles in this issue. Learn about the revolution in thinking about dinosaurs (pp. 26–27), the ginkgo ‘living fossil’ (pp. 12–14), and the shield of the magnetosphere that protects you (pp. 46–48).

Children are included too. Here they continue to explore the planets of our solar system, focussing this time on the Ice Giants (pp. 34–37). Now for a Creation secret: many adults love the Creation for Kids section.

In this issue we look at Grand Canyon—that famous American gash in the earth. What carved it? You will see that the receding waters of the biblical Flood explain it elegantly (pp. 38–40).

If you want to learn about evolution, you don’t have to do anything. You will hear it on the radio, see it on TV, and read about it in your kids’ school texts. You will encounter it on vacation and be told about it by your doctor. You won’t need to subscribe to anything. It will just come to you.

But to learn about creation you will need to take deliberate action to find the information. Congratulations! You’ve already taken that step. Your subscription to Creation magazine will make a big difference in your family. And as you share it with others, it will make a difference in their lives too.

Posted on homepage: 21 February 2022

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