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The Mystery of Our Declining Genes

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Human Genome Project complete … again

16 April 2003

The Human Genome Project has officially finished its task of sequencing the human genome, according to a press conference on Monday, 14 April 2003. A ‘working draft’ was completed in June 2000 (see Genome Mania), to much fanfare, but this new sequence is much more accurate.

Does this mean that the work is over? Definitely not. First, it could take another 10 to 20 years before every last ‘letter’ in the human genetic code is in place (the current researchers intentionally ignored some of the more complex areas of DNA because they don’t produce proteins). Moreover, biologists have only begun to explore a much deeper mystery: how does the human body actually ‘read’ the instructions in human genes to produce the complex variety of proteins essential for life? And how do these genes direct the production of the hundreds of thousands of components that make up a human body?

Despite years of continuing investigation by a host of brilliant scientists, they still can’t explain how the human genome works. Yet throughout the project, many biologists argued that the sequence has resulted from mere chance and natural selection. It’s sad to see how evolutionary assumptions have blinded so many scientists to the most obvious message of DNA. Design by an intelligent Creator.

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