‘I became a much better Christian’

I am a former Theistic Evolutionist. I have always been a Christian, but until my freshmen year of highschool I believed that Darwinain evolution was "fact" and that anyone who contridicted that was an ignorant fool. I also thought that Genesis's teaching of a six day creation could be brushed aside as an allegory. Thankfully I was able to meet the right people that showed me the fallacy of evolution. But even after I realised that Darwinism was false, I was still convinced of long-ages and believed the Gap Theory about Genesis, that is until I went to a talk being done by a local Creationist biology teacher. Part of her Creationism presentation delt with the age of the earth. She raised questions in my mind about how old the earth was, but for some reason it didn't click. Then about a year ago I was debating an evolutionist online and was searching this website for information. I ran across the Young Age Evidence part of the website and mostly thanks to that information (as well as books recomended by this website) I was able to accept what the Bible taught. Because I could now believe everything the Bible said I became a much better Christian and my relationship to Jesus Christ grew more than I ever thought it could. Thank you […], I'm now 16 (my journey to Creationism started when I was 14) and a full fledged Young Earth Creationist and share this message with as many people as possible with mostly positive results.

John Tobin

Published: 3 February 2006