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Hi! I just wanted to let you all know, I found your website about 5 days ago. I was very much a believer of evolution, and various pagan theories, but after reading a few articles and listening to a few audio files on your site, I BELIEVE! It all makes so much sense! I have been soaking up all the information I can shove into my brain for the last few days, and I find it all so amazing. I still don't understand some things, probably more things than I even know yet, but I believe it happened like the Bible says! Oh, you might be interested to know, I was not brought up going to church or anything. I was not taught to believe. So I have been lost all my life, with nothing to believe in. And over the last few years, I've really been feeling that emptiness. So, I've gone almost 36 years without that feeling of hope and love, but I'm starting to feel it. And it just makes me want to cry! Thank you so much for being here!


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