The importance of creation in evangelism


Published: 26 April 2016 (GMT+10)

Originally published in a CMI newsletter, August 2015.


On a recent ministry visit to Singapore, I met a pastor who has been involved in church planting in China. He shared how people had been doing Bible studies for 18 months but there had been no conversions to Christ. He asked the non-Christians why they were not responding to the Bible studies and becoming followers of Jesus. They replied that they had learned during their education that the universe and everything in it came about by the natural process of evolution over billions of years and that the Bible just did not make any sense to them; it was just stories. In short, they had an evolutionary worldview and within that worldview, the Bible made no sense at all. We’ve heard of similar stories before from China because the teaching of evolutionism is very strong there.

The pastor realized that dealing with evolutionary misinformation is not an optional extra, but something that must happen ‘up front’ when doing evangelism in China.

The pastor arranged to take them on a weekend retreat to address their evolutionary views, using information that he had learned from his previous exposure to CMI’s teaching and resources. At the end of that weekend one man confessed faith in Christ. Soon followed another, then another, and there is now a church of over 100 new Christians established!

The pastor realized that dealing with evolutionary misinformation is not an optional extra, but something that must happen ‘up front’ when doing evangelism in China.

Note that various books and videos are now available in Chinese, thanks to the efforts of co-labourers in Hong Kong. Specially designated gifts from supporters of CMI have also helped pay for the printing of books such as the Creation Answers Book in both the simplified and traditional Chinese scripts. Our acclaimed DVD Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels was originally produced with Chinese subtitles but a fully-fledged Chinese audio version is in production. There is also a good number of articles in Chinese (currently 64 in simplified script) on creation.com, thanks to the efforts of volunteer translators encouraged by CMI.

A thriving church in Japan also

After a visit to Japan in December 2013, I reported that I was greatly encouraged. I saw the effects of 10 years of creation evangelism in Okinawa. After I had presented a message about creation evangelism on a Sunday morning 10 years previously, the pastor of Naha Baptist Church said, “This message must be taken to the whole of Japan.”

He had recognized how fundamental this was to the penetration of the Gospel in Japan. I also remember an elder, who was having lunch with us, admitting that he had had a wrong view of Genesis; he just thought it was stories, not real. He repented of that view in front of the senior pastor and me (this is a difficult thing for anyone to do, but particularly so in the ‘face saving’ culture that is strong in Japan). This was very moving.

That church had grown substantially in the decade since then. It had gone onto much larger premises and now had a pastoral team and many members actively involved in outreach. It was continuing to grow, using creation apologetics as a central part of the church’s strategy. Other churches in Okinawa were looking to this church for leadership in how to evangelize.

A network of pastors had been established to further the growth of the Gospel in Japan via creation evangelism. This was happening in a country notorious for being the ‘graveyard of missionaries’. Churches have been established from new converts and are growing. But these churches were not the product of missionaries from outside, but resulted from creation apologetics being used by local pastors and church members to reach their fellow citizens with the Gospel.

One of the reasons that missionaries from ‘The West’ have been so ineffective in Japan is that they generally eschew creation apologetics. They have been largely trained in seminaries where the historicity of Genesis is downplayed (a ‘side issue’) or even opposed. In 2002, a young missionary from one of the largest foreign missionary organisations working in Japan contacted us with a view to one of us visiting Japan to train the missionaries in creation apologetics. We began making arrangements for me to go and do this, but then the young missionary told us that those above him in the organisation had vetoed the idea, much to his disappointment.

Why does creation evangelism ‘work’ in China and Japan?

The people in China and Japan are indoctrinated in an evolutionary worldview in the education system. They hear nothing else. They have taken on board how everything came into existence by purely natural processes over billions of years from the big bang until now. There is ‘no evidence’ for divine creation and therefore no evidence for a supernatural Creator Who rules over everything and to whom we are accountable. The preaching of the Gospel that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day for our salvation (1 Cor. 15) makes absolutely no sense to such a mindset; it is “foolishness to the gentiles”.


Many people are receptive, however, when the Bible is taught from the beginning to establish God as the Creator of all first! How can people understand their need for forgiveness, and a saviour, if they have little concept that God created them, so that they are accountable to Him? Who will judge them for their sin if there is no Creator-God to whom they will be held accountable? How can they trust the Bible on salvation if they can’t trust its history in Genesis, so foundational to the Gospel, of how sin and death entered the world? Also, if Genesis is ‘just stories’, then why not the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

Preaching about Jesus and His death and resurrection in isolation sees little fruit. Didn’t Jesus say, “If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead.” (Luke 16:31). You can’t preach the Gospel effectively in the context of disbelief regarding the rest of the Bible, and especially ‘Moses’ (Genesis, etc.). Therein lies the foundational knowledge of creation, rebellion (the origin of sin and death) and the need for salvation.

In Japan, modern Shintoism and Zen Buddhism reinforce the Creator-less worldview. Furthermore, Shintoism today has millions of ancestral ‘gods’, depreciating any notion of Jesus being the unique Son of God.

The apostolic preaching to gentiles

This in nothing new because it’s actually the biblical method. In Acts 17 the apostle Paul, speaking to people in Athens who had little idea of a supreme ruling Creator-God, began at that point in presenting the Gospel to them. Paul introduced the only true God (of the Bible) to them as the ‘unknown God’ of whom they seemed to have only some vague notion.

The missionary organization New Tribes Mission practises such ‘creation evangelism’ with unreached tribal groups. Many such groups have some recollection of a supreme creator, but it is distorted, often being mixed up with animistic ideas (territorial spirits). So beginning at the beginning lays a foundation for understanding why Jesus came and what His death and resurrection mean.

What of the once-Christian ‘West’?

How different are the once-Christian countries of Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K., and Western Europe compared to China and Japan, or the people of Athens in New Testament times, or tribal people, for that matter? How many people today believe in a real, ‘hands-on’ Creator God who made them and who will hold them accountable?

The evolutionary worldview has been taught in educational institutions to the exclusion of all else, increasingly so, since the 1960s. This has been reinforced by such things as nature ‘documentaries’ on television, interpretive signs at national parks, and newspaper reports of the latest ‘ape-man’. And then there are articles in women’s magazines about how bad behaviour, such as promiscuity, is due to our evolutionary ‘ape ancestry’, or how our diet should mimic some imagined primitive diet of our primate ancestors. Even sci-fi movies have evolution producing X-men and the like, or aliens having evolved ‘out there’ somewhere in the cosmos. At every turn the idea is reinforced to the point that it is now the prevailing worldview in countries that once believed the Bible’s history.

How many people today believe in a real, ‘hands-on’ Creator God who made them and who will hold them accountable?

Universities have drifted more and more into secularism (God-lessness). That’s where our school teachers get their qualifications. And now we have significant and increasing numbers of high schoolers claiming to be ‘atheist’. In several western European countries, more than half the people now say that they are atheist. Even those who would not wear the label atheist still by-and-large think ‘secular’ (God-less). That is, the Bible’s historical accounts—if they know anything of them at all—are nothing but quaint myths from yesteryear. In their groupthink the reality is as they have been indoctrinated in the education system—evolution over billions of years.

In some places, such as Northern Ireland and the south of the USA, there is a remnant tradition of church going and many people still have notions of God as Creator and ruler of the universe. However, even in these regions the institutions of ‘higher education’ are thoroughly secularized and more and more secularized teachers are being pushed into the schools, teachers who do not share the attitudes of the parents of those they are educating, causing an exodus of Christian youth in these once strongholds of the faith. The churches in these areas need to get on board with creation apologetics to arrest the slide into the abyss of secular depravity so obvious elsewhere. There is nothing in the ‘genes’ of the people who live in such areas that will protect them from the secular onslaught.

A statement from a ‘liberal’ academic in north America spells out the problem: “The children of red [conservative / Christian] states will seek a higher education,” he explains, “and that education will very often happen in blue states or blue islands in red states. For the foreseeable future, loyal dittoheads will continue to drop off their children at the dorms. After a teary-eyed hug, Mom and Dad will drive their SUV off toward the nearest gas station, leaving their beloved progeny behind.”

Then what? He proudly claims: “And then they are all mine.”1

So, ‘creation evangelism’ is relevant just about everywhere today.

References and notes

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Readers’ comments

Edward C.
Your article is very true that the world view of evolution has infiltrated in all human institutions and all levels of society. Your Creation Ministry is very relevant to this last day's generation. May your ministry prosper and bring the true gospel message home to every family by dropping tracts and magazines to every home by the grace of God.
Edward C.
Your article is very true that the world view of evolution has infiltrated in all human institutions and all levels of society. Your Creation Ministry is very relevant to this last day's generation. May your ministry prosper and bring the true gospel message home to every family by dropping tracts and magazines to every home by the grace of God.
Andrew S.
CMI has some other powerful resources for creation evangelism. There are three adult books and one children's book that were all developed on the same principles of working through scripture from Creation to Christ by John Cross. Stranger on the Road to Emmaus is for people coming from a background with a Christian worldview, All the Prophets have Spoken is for people from an Islamic worldview and By This Name is for all the other worldviews. The Lamb is a picture version for children or those who don't read English well. The books can be given away or used as workbooks for one on one or group study. Good Seed have training to guide these studies and they have the books available in many languages. Carl Wieland contributed extensively to this project, especially about creation and the flood.
Raul S.
There is no doubt that the Creation is very important in the preaching, because this the work of many westhern missionaries is a shame: they think the Creation message makes no difference in reaching people for Christ. This thinking is very bad, just because the Gospel's message is sustained in that of the Old Testament, that is all sustained in the first book of the Bible (Genesis).
Benjamin V.
Does CMI have any resources on the best way to apply Creation knowledge in talking to those with an entirely materialist worldview, in an attempt to lead them to the Bible? Having grown up in a Bible-affirming household and church, I don't understand the materialist mindset, and thus do not also understand the best way to break it down.
Don Batten
There is no 'one size fits all' with evangelism. Everyone we speak to is at least a bit different. We need to listen first and work out where the person is coming from, and answer when we understand. One resource that will help greatly in understanding the thinking of the materialist and how to answer them is Christianity for Skeptics. (also available in e-book formats).
The other prime resource is the Creation Answers Book, which answers over 65 skeptical questions that non-believers have.
I hope this helps, but nothing substitutes for engaging with people to share the Gospel. You could join a street witnessing group to get involved and get training/experience, for example.
Vernon R.
Sadly, this article is incredibly, terribly, true. The church today isn't in the mode of fighting its enemies, it seems that it is hiding, watching the destruction and hoping Christ will come and save them as they are. Jesus did not hide from anyone, neither should any of those who claim His name on their lives.
Thank you CMI, for holding us to the task our Lord has set before us.
Norman P.
In my case, as an erstwhile atheist trying to make sense of life, I was first drawn to God, then to Christ, then led to a book 'Creation or Evolution, by Professor Enoch, a Zoologist from India. As a keen naturalist, I wept for joy when I saw that God was indeed the Creator. This happened within a few weeks of my conversion (at home, reading the Bible in private). So one would think that some would come to Christ the same way, and in the same order, since it is the Father who draws us to Christ.
However, in later years, I saw resistance to Creationism in an otherwise lively Charismatic church. Sadly that church along with others fell prone to a serious spiritual deception. So knowing and believing in the Christ of the Bible, who goes back to Genesis, not only helps the newborn, it also staves off airy-fairy deceptions, of which there are a great many (see 2 Cor 11:1-5). As with the Reformation, the battle is for the light of the Bible - the whole of it!
Nicholas D.
I believe that perhaps another factor in the Chinese and Japanese turning to Christ following exposure to Creation evangelism might lie in the Chinese characters that they are familiar with in their language and culture. (This also applies to Koreans amongst whom I was privileged to be a missionary for 12 years - and where Korean Christians pointed out to me the Gospel already embedded in the Chinese characters dating back perhaps 4000 years. For example, the character for 'righteousness' encapsulates the Gospel - when I am under the lamb I am righteous). "Faith of our Fathers: God in ancient China" by Chan Kei Thong is a fascinating and eye-opening book, showing how much the ancient Chinese, through their characters, appeared to know of events in the early chapters of Genesis. I have also used a few of these simpler characters to show to friends in England, Christian and non-Christian alike, how the Chinese language bears witness to the trustworthiness of the early chapters of Genesis. This, hopefully, then leads on to giving good grounds for trust the rest of the Scriptures - although, ultimately, only the Holy Spirit can give the inner conviction that this is the truth of God in their hearts.
Don Batten
The Chinese character origins do show a knowledge of Biblical concepts in the founders of China. However, in my experience many Chinese-speaking Christians don't know of this connection and knowledge of such is almost non-existent in non-Christians. The connections are not self-evident, but when pointed out, they amount to a powerful argument. I have actually shown Chinese-speaking Christians these connections, and they have then gone on to use them effectively in witnessing.
BTW, the book is available from the CMI store: Faith of our Fathers

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