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The Impossible Problem of the Origin of Life

31 Jan, 202423:13

People all over the world are taught that everything in nature—including life itself—is the result of purely natural processes.

Is this right? Did life form itself? Is that even possible? What would it take? What ingredients would the simplest, self-replicating life need?

Or are people being misled—in the name of ‘science’?

Join biologist Dr Don Batten for a discussion of the origin of life. Learn why the very laws of chemistry dictate that life could never form itself—not even in a trillion years!


  • 00:00 Teaser
  • 00:27 Introduction: The impossible problem of the origin of life
  • 01:54 What ingredients do we need to form life?
  • 02:14 → Amino acids
  • 03:18 → Sugars
  • 03:46 → Nucleic acids (DNA & RNA)
  • 04:10 → Lipids
  • 05:03 Problem: The ingredients don’t play well together!
  • 05:11 → The conditions needed for amino acids are the wrong conditions for sugars
  • 05:41 → Necessary metallic ions wreak havoc with necessary lipids
  • 06:33 → High energy compounds (e.g. lipids) are unlikely to form in the same ‘soup’ as low energy compounds (e.g. sugars)
  • 06:54 Problem: Chirality (or ‘handedness’) – Amino acids must only be left-handed, sugars must only be right-handed
  • 09:01 Problem: The origin of coded information (DNA) in living things
  • 09:36 → How could an encoding/decoding system arise by chance?
  • 10:59 → The genetic code is optimised – and that's not possible without pre-planning
  • 11:28 → The sheer volume of genetic information needed for the ‘simplest’ life is overwhelming
  • 13:15 → Multiple, complex cellular ‘machines’ are needed for the information system to work at all
  • 14:04 Would Darwin be a Darwinist today?
  • 14:46 Problem: Probability shows the impossibility of the chance origin of even a single protein
  • 19:10 Solution: How did life come about?
  • 19:26 → The need for a super intelligent Designer
  • 21:03 → Why is this such an unpopular conclusion?
  • 21:24 Why should the Designer be the God of the Bible?
  • 22:32 Where to get more information on origin-of-life problems


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