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Creationism must be high on the list of curriculum priorities because surrounding society is so full of the evolution myth. Children will meet the myth in all the media, in museums, in national parks and roadside stops of interest. It’s not good enough these days to say you don’t believe in evolution; you must understand why. There is plenty of information and materials today that weren’t available during your school days, so enjoy learning creation science along with your children if you need to.

For strong science learning for most children, use mostly creationist materials, not traditional science courses with a bit of creation added. That way children learn to think, learn lots of science, and learn to understand even evolution better than children brought up only on the myth.

For serious science students in the later years, you could add traditional courses in chemistry or other sciences.

There is no shred of proof anywhere for either biological or botanical evolution, and modern knowledge of genetics shows that evolution is impossible. Good scientists know that, but the general public, the education establishment, and lesser scientists cling to their no-God religion.

There is no need to go halfway and say you believe God created but He could have used

evolution. Another weak halfway view is to say that everything is so wonderfully designed that there must have been a designer.

The designer idea could be one argument, but add to that an understanding of other major

arguments that creationist materials teach, such as: 1) genetics shows that everything produces its own kind, 2) evolutionary interpretation of the geological layers and fossils is full of problems, and 3) the well proven physics laws of, conservation and entropy uphold the belief that the earth is “young,” having begun only a few thousand years ago.

The website below can lead you to many books and videos and a great magazine that can be the science study for many children. It arrives every quarter. The site also has many free online articles to use when you can’t afford a new book.



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