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Creation 20(2):55, March 1998

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Jesus on creation


But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female’ (Mark 10:6).
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In these words of Jesus we find He teaches that Adam and Eve were created in ‘the beginning of the creation’—not billions of years after the beginning!

This means that God had prepared a world for them shortly beforehand—that is, over the five previous days. Furthermore, the expression ‘beginning of the creation’ rules out some second start, such as gap theorists hold.

Beyond this, I feel we should look at the implications of an early creation of humans. Because we were made ‘in the image of God’, we can have fellowship with God through His Spirit dwelling within—through accepting His offer of forgiveness in Jesus and repenting of our sins. What does this show us about God’s concern for us?

The Bible teaches throughout that we alone of the creatures can have that personal relationship with God. So it seems to have no logical purpose for Him to ordain billions of years with only rocks, algae, fish and even mammals, with whom He could have no spiritual communication.

Surely the true view of God is that He created us ‘for Himself’. If we were created after billions of years of other creative activity, this would send a strong message to us that mankind is really nothing special, not the focus of God’s loving intentions.

The more you look at the speed with which God brought us into existence, the more it suggests that His original intention was to bring into being a race He could love and cherish. He knew that we would rebel against His authority, yet He had already planned to demonstrate that love in Christ in taking, for those who will repent and believe, the deserved punishment for their rebellion.

Truly creation has an evangelistic message!