Jim Brenneman


Jim has been involved in Bible teaching since 1972, in weekly study groups, seminars, and conferences. To enhance his understanding of the Scriptures, he learned Hebrew and Greek. Although he has no formal qualifications, Jim has taught numerous classes in biblical Hebrew and biblical archaeology, and has directed two study tours in Israel.

Jim asserts that the natural evidence simply screams for a world-wide flood—the eroded topography, the strata, and the fossils. He says, ‘I can’t look at these records of the Flood—in Scripture and in nature, without envisioning the cataclysmic devastation that must have occurred. Most people have notions of the Flood that are far too mild.’

No longer in full-time ministry, Jim works as a seafood manager in a grocery store and writes high school sports stories for his local newspaper. He continues to work toward understanding and explaining what it was like in the world of the Flood, distilling ideas from Scripture and from scientific articles in order to bring that ancient world to light. Jim also heads a ‘Flood Film Project’ which is currently laying groundwork and gathering together creationist expertise in the hope of one day seeing an accurate high-grade movie made about the ‘mother of all disasters.’

Some of his articles are as follows:

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