Joni Ruokamo

Joni Ruokamo


Joni Ruokamo is from a Christian family but he did not became a confessing Christian until aged 24. This started a time period of learning and unlearning. He soon found himself devouring articles from creation.com and wanted to involve himself with the creation movement in Finland where he lives. He realised how destructive the materialistic worldview is and felt God calling him to action. In 2009 he started working full-time organising the translation of Creation magazine to Finnish language with the organisation that had started the work a few years earlier. During this time he also travelled around Finland giving speeches about creation topics. He worked in the ministry for four years.

He holds a master’s degree in information technology and is currently working as a designer/developer in the mobile industry. He has three children and most of his free time is spent with them. He enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing and the time spent outside adds to his marvel of the Master Designer behind it all.

He gives talks about creation issues to various audiences and one of his favourite topics is the battle over the two world histories, the atheistic one and the biblical one. Joni loves talking with people about the veracity of the biblical worldview and hopes to be as useful to God’s Kingdom as he can.

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