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Journal of Creation Volume 26(1) Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 26 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

Volume 26, Issue 1
Published April 2012
127 pages

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Post-Flood man is becoming smarter and more human
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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The moon’s former magnetic field—still a huge problem for evolutionists (Pre-publication)
Perspective by D. Russell Humphreys
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Neutrinos faster than light?—will relativity need revising? (Pre-publication)
Perspective by Jonathan Sarfati
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Does biological advantage imply biological origin?
Perspective by Shaun Doyle
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Thermal isostasy—a new look at its potential to advance diluvial geology
Perspective by Emil Silvestru
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Fossil ranges continue to expand
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Accessible apologetics
A review of Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything by Edgar Andrews
Book Review by Daniel Davidson
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Theistic evolutionary doublespeak
A review of The Language of Science and Faith by Karl W. Giberson and Francis S. Collins
Book Review by Lita Cosner
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Desperate attempts to discover ‘the elusive process of evolution’
A review of The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry by Suzan Mazur
Book Review by Walter J. ReMine
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Evolution Answers Book?
A review of The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins
Book Review by Philip Bell
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Does excess Ar support RATE’s 6,000-year-old Earth?
Letter to the Editor from Carl Froede Jr. Reply: D. Russell Humphreys
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Thutmose III was not the Shishak of 1 Kings 14:25–26
Letter to the Editor from Drew Worthen. Reply: Patrick Clarke
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Flood models and biblical realism
Letter to the Editor from Greg Demme
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Human dominion and reproduction
Viewpoint by Andrew S. Kulikovsky
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Anders Breivik—Social Darwinism leads to mass murder
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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Is the human genome nearly identical to chimpanzee?—a reassessment of the literature
Paper by Jerry Bergman and Jeffrey Tomkins
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Three early arguments for deep time—part 2: volcanism
Paper by John K. Reed
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The origin of American Indian populations
Paper by Tjarko Evenboer and Peer Terborg
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The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 5: experimental extraction from random sequences
Paper by Royal Truman
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The proportion of polypeptide chains which generate native folds—part 6: extraction from random sequences
Paper by Royal Truman
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Genomic monkey business—estimates of nearly identical human-chimp DNA similarity re-evaluated using omitted data
Paper by Jeffrey Tomkins and Jerry Bergman
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Is plate tectonics occurring today?
Paper by John Baumgardner
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Does Genesis allow any scientific theory of origin?—a response to J.P. Dickson (Pre-publication)
Paper by Benno Zuiddam
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Should creationists accept quantum mechanics? (Pre-publication)
Essay by Jonathan Sarfati
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Adam—Man of clay
Essay by Ian T. Taylor

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