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Journal of Creation Volume 29(3) Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 29 Issue 3

Journal of Creation

Volume 29, Issue 3
Published December 2015
127 pages

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Rediscovering Pluto
Perspective by Wayne Spencer
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Did a lake exist under the north-western Laurentide Ice Sheet?
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Standard snake evolution story stymied by spate of fossil discoveries
Perspective by Philip Bell
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Trees in Northwest Scandinavia during the Ice Age
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Evidence some woolly mammoths asphyxiated from dust
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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The definitive work on a sordid affair
A review of Haeckel’s Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud (Nick Hopwood)
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
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The vital importance of the historical Adam
A review of Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin: Theological, Biblical, and Scientific Perspectives (Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves (Eds.)
Book Review by Lita Cosner
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Evolutionary speculations, yet no ‘badly designed’ vertebrate eye
A review of Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution (Nick Lane)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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Creationism, evangelism and that bothersome debate?
A review of Christians and Evolution: Christian Scholars Change Their Minds (R.J. Berry (Ed.))
Book Review by John D. Matthews
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Europe clones America; the good, the bad, and the ugly
A review of Creationism in Europe (Stefaan Blancke, Hans Henrik, Hjermitslev and Peter C. Kjærgaard (Eds.))
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
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An evolution-imbibing compromising evangelical and his left-wing ideology
A review of Saving the Original Sinner (Karl W. Giberson)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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A sugar-coated attack on Judeo-Christianity
A review of The Serpent’s Promise: The Bible Retold as Science (Steve Jones)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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Nylon-eating bacteria
Letter from Alex Williams. Reply: Royal Truman
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Trinity’s truth reflected in creation
Letter from Dave Woetzel.
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Human genome decay and the origin of life
Letter from Richard Meiss. Reply: Alex Williams
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Examining the floating forest hypothesis: a geological perspective
Viewpoint by Timothy L. Clarey
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Jesus the Creator in the Gospel of John
Paper by Lita Cosner
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What life is
Paper by Alex Williams
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Cnidarians turn evolutionary theory into jelly
Paper by Jean O’Micks
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Nylon-eating bacteria—part 4: interpretation according to Coded Information System theory
Paper by Royal Truman
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Phylogeny of the horse—from tapir-like hyracotheres or from equine anchitheres?
Paper by Barnabas Pendragon
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Warm icy moons
Paper by Wayne Spencer
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Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and Plate Tectonics—a comparison of two theories
Paper by Mark McGuire
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Intelligent Design leaders promote a naturalistic epistemology
Essay by Michael H. Warren
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Genesis as ancient historical narrative
Essay by Lita Cosner

Ken E. wrote: “I just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude for the kind of information you supply at the CMI web-site. I love science and find it thrilling to see how it may be used to glorify God and build faith in Him.” Glorify God in His creation. Support this site

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