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Journal of Creation Volume 7 Issue 2 Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 7 Issue 2

Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 7, Issue 2
Published August 1993
96 pages

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The early history of man—Part 5
Paper by Bill Cooper
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The origin of mammals: a study of some important fossils
Paper by A. W. Mehlert
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Demography research of ancient civilizations
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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Plimpton 322: a sample of ancient mathematics
Paper by David Malcolm
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Evolution and the origins of the biological race theory
Paper by Jerry Bergman
Click to view PDF
Dinosaurs in the Bible
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
Click to view PDF
Teaching evolution through science fiction
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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A review of speed of light measurements since 1676
Paper by S. J. Prokhovnik and W. T. Morris
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The ultimate assertion
Paper by Vernon Jenkins
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Creation's original diet
Letter to the Editor
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Moon dust
Letter to the Editor
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Life according to the Bible
Letter to the Editor
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Speed of light
Letter to the Editor
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Living dinosaurs
Letter to the Editor
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African 'Eve' revived
Letter to the Editor
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Long-lived trees
Letter to the Editor

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