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The Creation Answers Book
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Journal of Creation—a great Christmas gift

Journal of Creation V(20)3

Journal of Creation could be the gift idea you are looking for this Christmas for those folk you find so hard to buy for—your spouse, your dad, your brother, sister or nephews.

Robert D was thankful for the creation gifts he received one Christmas, and he wrote to tell us about it:

‘A few months ago I started on my high school geology course and my faith was weakened by the evolutionary arguments presented in it.  A few months later, I received quite a number of your books for Christmas.  I must say that these books, as well as this website, have greatly strengthened my faith.’

Creation books and Creation periodicals make a difference, and the good news is that Journal of Creation 20(3) is back from printers and ready to ship.

This in-depth issue is once again packed full of information, researched and written by some of the best creation thinkers in the world.  Check the exciting new creation discoveries that slip under the radar of secular publications.

In the latest Journal of Creation 20(3):

Person reading Journal of Creation
  • Cygnus Loop.  The remnants of a vast supernova within biblical time provide new and powerful astronomical evidence for a young universe. 
  • The Hobbit from Flores.  Decipher the controversy surrounding the dwarf discovery from Indonesia. Hailed as a new evolutionary link, it burst into the world media in October 2004. Now warring Hobbit camps are telling a different story.
  • Viruses.  Their original function was vastly different from producing diseases that devastate human populations.
  • The sheep kind.  It’s bigger than you think. 
  • CMB shadow.  Why we should see one and how the latest findings cast a gloomy blackness over the big bang.
  • The quest for a superior race.  How Darwinism fuelled the political racism of NAZI Germany with its tragic consequences, and why even sections of the church fell for the diabolical charm of eugenics.
  • Book Reviews.  Lots of them, letting you cut to the main points from significant publications relating to creation, evolution, science and faith. 
  • Bristlecone Pines.  Touted as the oldest living trees on Earth they are often used to challenge biblical history. But when we check the details we find the facts are very different. 
  • And lots, lots more.

It’s solid, informative and yet (mostly) easily digestible. Don’t miss out on yours. Subscribe to Journal of Creation today. 

Browse contents of this issue.

If you were to read an article every day from this site it would take you 20 years to read them all. Such a wealth of information didn’t arise by chance. Please help us to keep on keeping on. Support this site

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