Journal Vol 15

# Article Title
1 Supplementary: The weasel returns: Truman replies to Curtis
2 The supposed consistency of evolution's long ages
3 The riddle of paleokarst solved
4 Dawkins' eye revisited
5 Eggceptionally different
6 Is the human male nipple vestigial?
7 Fossil axe-head?
8 Dawkins vs Truman spreadsheet
9 Improvement rate
10 Truman results sorted
11 The young faint Sun paradox and the age of the solar system
12 Billion-fold acceleration of radioactivity demonstrated in laboratory
13 Ants find their way by advanced mathematics
14 Time’s alleged ‘ape-man’ trips up (again)!
15 Back problems: how Darwinism misled
16 Could Behemoth have been a dinosaur?
17 Bubbles of surprise
18 Much-inflated carbon-14 dates from subfossil trees: a new mechanism
19 Evidentialism–the Bible and Assyrian chronology
20 End-Mesozoic extinction of dinosaurs partly based on circular reasoning
21 The Darwinian foundation of communism
22 Core issue
23 Contra Rb-Sr dating
24 Food scare leads to design discovery
25 Divisions unresolved
26 The root of our ecological crisis
27 Review: The Triumph of Evolution and the Failure of Creationism by Niles Eldredge
28 Supposed eukaryote evolution pushed back one billion years
29 The existence and origin of extrasolar planets
30 Exchange: Is the 'erets (earth) flat?
31 Geocentrism and Creation
32 Geocentric gobbledegook
33 Do Greenland ice cores show over one hundred thousand years of annual layers?
34 Fish preservation, fish coprolites and the Green River Formation
35 Does homology provide evidence of evolutionary naturalism?
36 Big bang critic dies (Fred Hoyle)
37 Insect leg development
38 Nailing jello (jelly) to the wall
39 New hominin skull from Kenya
40 Did Lucy walk upright?
41 Dare to question the materialist high priests
42 Recent Cosmic Microwave Background data supports creationist cosmologies
43 Review: Finding Darwin's God by Kenneth Miller
44 Searching for Moses
45 Evolutionary naturalism an ancient idea
46 'Nucha' and plate tectonics
47 More problems for the 'Oort comet cloud'
48 More evidence against so-called paleokarst
49 The beauty of the peacock tail and the problems with the theory of sexual selection
50 The Permian extinction: National Geographic comes close to the truth
51 Rating radiodating
52 New radiohalo find challenges primordial granite claim
53 New record of polonium radiohalos, Stone Mountain granite, Georgia
54 Mammal-like reptiles: major trait reversals and discontinuities
55 The rapid formation of granitic rocks: more evidence
56 Fossil reptiles on the Russian platform
57 Science fiction: a Biblical perspective
58 Sojourn of the Jews
59 Spiritual death
60 Distant starlight and Genesis: conventions of time measurement
61 Stem cells and Genesis
62 What biology textbooks never told you about evolution
63 The energy balance of Uranus: implications for special creation
64 Post-Flood volcanism on the Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
65 The weasel returns: Truman replies to Curtis
66 White hole cosmology
cat: 174
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