An ‘alien intrusion’–a journey to remember


Originally published in a CMI newsletter, November 2017

Creation ministry, which directly challenges the ruling ‘scientific’ paradigms of the day, is a tough gig, as supporters of CMI and fellow creationists appreciate. Because many mistakenly believe that creationists are anti-science, the doors (including many church doors) are often closed to the message that real science supports the biblical view of creation.

We can add that we oppose mainstream and popular views—arguing that there was no big bang, the universe is not 14 billion years old, older alien life did not evolve on other planets, and no alien life has ever visited Earth. Furthermore, aliens have not stealthily abducted people in the middle of the night—even though millions of people have seen UFOs and have claimed such abduction experiences. This is all part of ‘The UFO phenomenon’.

Aeronautical Engineer Dewey Hodges explains the difficulty of interstellar travel.

At CMI we have long pointed out that what we believe determines the way we view facts. The facts are interpreted within the frame of one’s worldview, and then is used as ‘evidence’ for such a worldview. It’s the same with the UFO phenomenon. For millennia, people have seen strange things in the sky that seemingly defy naturalistic interpretations. And people interpret these experiences to align with their pre-existing worldview:

  1. The UFO believer would claim these are spaceships from another planet or galaxy, far, far away.
  2. The UFO skeptic would say that science shows this is impossible, therefore it must have a naturalistic explanation (such as ball lightning) or it is a secret government craft.
  3. Many Christians will try to explain everything within a spiritual framework, even though there might be naturalistic explanations.

So, how does one understand what these alleged visitors are—what is their source?

Secular film agents endorse the movie!

On viewing early drafts of the movie, CMI-USA’s theatrical agents at Kaos Connect (KaosConnect.com) had their own eyes opened and were able to fully grasp what this phenomenon is really all about. They wrote:

“Narrated by John Schneider, the documentary, Alien Intrusion, Unmasking a Deception leaves no stone unturned, like the Amazon top-50 best-selling book that preceded it… equally compelling, thought provoking & surprising. The producers of this film are absolute in their belief that the experiences of ‘abductees’ recounted in this film are REAL….but the theory about these experiences and ‘alien visits’ challenges the status quo of prevalent beliefs as to exactly who these ‘aliens’ are and what they want with us. With Ph.D. precision, the science is in-depth and logical as are the perspectives shared by MUFON and other UFO researchers. But the most mesmerizing part of the film are the first-hand accounts told by actual ‘abductees’ whose personal experiences send chills down the spine of anyone watching. The film-maker expertly weaves together familiar components before exposing an unfamiliar set of theories that will resonate with believers and non-believers alike.”

Facts that cannot be disputed!

Using this seemingly strange topic, we believe we can hit a home run for the truth of Creation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The UFO/sci-fi subject matter is hugely popular, accounting for most of the highest-grossing movies and most-watched TV shows of all time. However, many Christians do not understand this potential; let me explain why.

While millions of people have seen physics-defying aerial maneuvers in the sky, one cannot ‘lasso’ a UFO to conduct empirical scientific tests on it. But millions of people all over the world (yes, it really is that many) claim to have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. However, there is a large and singular group of people who seem to be exempt from such experiences, and they are Bible-believing evangelicals who profess to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So, quite simply, this is a major reason that most Christians are unaware of this phenomenon occurring around them.

We’ve been showing drafts of the movie to some pastors and leaders, and the revelation of this truth is impacting them. Immediately after viewing the film Dr John Hull (Pastor of a large Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA) told me, “Every pastor and Christian counselor needs to see this movie.” He subsequently wrote:

“Beautifully produced, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is expertly scripted and biblically bold. The long and credible list of eyewitnesses move the film toward an essential question: ‘What are the origins of these unidentified and mysterious beings?’ The truth is a powerful confirmation of the reality of Scripture.”

No longer can it be written off as just a Christian interpretation

Gary interviews Pastor Jim Suttle of Calvary Chapel, Roswell, New Mexico.

Christians are generally exempt from these experiences because they are spiritual in nature, and the enemy has no power over those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ. And amazingly, this spiritual aspect is something also attested to by the non-Christian UFO researchers, although they would say that these entities (note not ‘aliens’) are visitors from another realm or unseen dimension. And all the serious UFO experts agree that these entities are deceptive; they hide their true intentions and are not what we commonly think of as ETs. Moreover, they all agree that people’s worldviews are changed because of the experience with these ‘interdimensional liars’.

But many of these experiencers were set free from the lies. Due to some Christian upbringing, or from receiving information about the true nature of the phenomenon, they were able to bring an end to their experiences. I’ve now met hundreds of such people over the years, but interviewing them for the film left a dramatic mark on me and my cameraman, Murphy. Because we asked them to recount their experiences, it was often traumatic for them, and subsequently us. It deeply reinforced why we made this movie, as it really doesn’t matter whether you or I think it is real or not; it was real to them. These are hurting people who have often been rejected by family and friends due to their experience, and the church should be the obvious place for people who are being spiritually afflicted to go. The personal testimonies give the film incredible power; as ‘abductees’ explain that Jesus Christ was the only one who could halt their experience and welcome them into His open arms.

There is only one logical conclusion

Be forewarned, if you take your non-Christian friends to see the film, they will be presented with one logical and inescapable conclusion, and one that cannot be claimed to be a ‘narrow’ Christian view. Our view lines up with, and is the only one that makes sense of, the phenomenon when considering the firsthand testimonies of experiencers—something all the leading UFO researchers acknowledge, but, sadly, conveniently ignore. Even secular reviewers have acknowledged that while there are literally hundreds of UFO type movies out there —Alien Intrusion stands alone. For example:

“As a long-time investigator of the UFO phenomenon (since 1961), I have come across hundreds of so-called UFO ‘documentaries’ over the years. But nothing comes even close to the ultimate, hard-core truth presented in this brilliant, profound new film: Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception. The accuracy of documented facts arranged throughout such a wide range of content in this film is simply unprecedented and staggering. This is a must-see film not only for those who are interested in this real but deceptive phenomenon but also for the public-at-large who have never thought about it from this angle. I can guarantee that this film will open the eyes of everyone that views it. It will completely change one's worldview and will lead to a deeper understanding (and for many, a re-confirmation) of what the truth is.”
Norio Hayakawa, Director: UFO researcher. The Civilian Intelligence Network and former member of NICAP and APRO

So, it is important for us all to be informed on this subject. By making this movie we have made it incredibly easy for you to share the Gospel. Take a friend or family member to see it and let the film, with the empowering of the Holy Spirit, do its work. We look forward to hearing from you for your comments on the film and from those you take along.

It is right in the church’s ballpark

I’ll leave you with one more endorsement from Pastor Scott Gallatin who hosts a major annual Calvary Chapel pastor’s conference each year in New York.

“The brothers and sisters at CMI have been tremendous ministry partners over the years. They have provided so much for the Church with their research, articles, books and movies. … At first, a Christian might think ‘What does Creation have to do with Aliens?’ My answer to that is much, as it gets to the heart of the Gospel through and through. The first half showed how humanity has been conditioned by movies and books to believe in extraterrestrial intelligence. The second half is the part that was very moving and convicting as Gary demonstrated a pastoral heart of compassion for the millions who have had their worldview shattered by these ‘alien’ encounters. As a pastor, it gave me a whole new heart and appreciation for those who have been deceived. ‘Alien Intrusion’ is a fantastic resource for the body of Christ and will certainly help pastors be able to address this and minister from a biblical perspective.”

This movie offers hope for the unsaved

This movie represents the largest undertaking ever for our fledging CMI-US office. And CMI supporters everywhere are being presented not only with a unique opportunity to equip yourselves and your families, but with an easy method to reach others for Christ.

For theaters in NZ/Aust/Canada please visit Fan-Force.com.

Published: 26 December 2017

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