Keep those CMI materials handy!

Thank you very much for your ministry. I recently gave a presentation in a seminary class entitled “Genesis 1—11 in Relation to Modern Science” on fossils and dinosaurs. The professor currently sides with progressive creation but thanks to the arguments of several youth earthers in the class, he is at least questioning the main textbook (Hugh Ross’ Genesis Question) [Editors’ Note: See Exposé of NavPress’s new Hugh Ross book: Genesis Question and Refuting Compromise]. The other day I loaned him the Answers Book. He was impressed by the amount of work that went into it just looking over the table of contents.

Similarly, the other day one of my coworkers mentioned that someone had given her a dinosaur cake to share with her Wed. night children’s church class. She asked me if there was any way to present dinosaurs in a manner consistent with the Bible. Well, praise God that I had brought The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved to work that day. I loaned it to her. She is still reading it, but said she has found it fascinating so far.

My thanks to all of you for your wonderful ministry defending Scripture.

In Christ,
Frank Luke

Published: 3 February 2006