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Flood Expert Finds Evidence for Noah’s Flood

06 Dec, 202348:37

If there really was a global flood—as the Bible has always said—then there should be abundant evidence of that fact, right?

But what would that evidence look like?

And who could be better placed to ‘see’ such evidence than a scientist who studies the way that floods and flowing water shapes landscapes?

Join fluvial geomorphologist, Dr Ron Neller, for a fascinating discussion of the evidence that, over a 30-year period, eventually led him to conclude that there has, indeed, been a global flood on Earth—as the Bible describes.


  • 00:00 Teaser
  • 00:31 Introduction: Meet Dr Ron Neller (qualifications, background)
  • 04:01 Overview: Journey to belief in a worldwide flood
  • 08:22 Evidence #1: 70% of Earth’s land surface is covered by sedimentary rock
  • 08:42 Evidence #2: Underfit rivers
  • 10:36 Evidence #3: Water gaps
  • 12:07 Evidence #4: 40% of Earth’s land surface is covered by plateaus
  • 17:01 Evidence #5: Absence of bioturbation in rock layers
  • 20:43 Journey to belief in a worldwide flood:
  • 20:59 → Observing inconsistencies in the standard explanations
  • 22:20 → Observing multiple lines of evidence pointed toward large-scale watery catastrophism
  • 23:59 → Concluding the global flood described in the Bible was the answer
  • 26:10 Journey to belief in Christ
  • 26:18 → Resistance
  • 28:40 → Acceptance
  • 30:28 Evidence #6: Sediment supply with regard to fossil formation
  • 32:44 → Fossil formation requires lots of sediment, enabling rapid, deep burial
  • 35:53 → Could huge tsunamis supply enough sediment?
  • 38:55 Why haven’t more people come to the same conclusion re: a worldwide flood?
  • 40:38 Evidence #7: Satellite views help us see evidence of a large-scale watery catastrophe
  • 43:34 Will geologists have to eat humble pie? Or is their faith in long ages too strong?
  • 44:50 Conclusion: How can Christians learn more about evidence of a global flood?


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