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Only the Bible Can Explain the Ice Age

09 May, 202450:48

We are told that there have been multiple ice ages in Earth’s history. What does that even mean? What is an ice age? What physical evidence would one leave? And most importantly of all, how does an ice age start (and later, stop)?

Secular scientists have major trouble modelling how even one ice age could start in the real world—never mind multiple ice ages! And they have many associated ice age mysteries to explain—such as the post-ice age extinction event.

The biblical post-Flood Ice Age model, on the other hand, does a good job of explaining the observed evidence! After all, if the Bible is a true record of history, it makes sense that it would have strong explanatory power when trying to make sense of the past!

Join geologist, Dr Tas Walker, for a fascinating exploration of the mysteries of the Ice Age.


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