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The problem with most Christian movies



Let There Be Light is a deeply forgettable movie. It is nothing but a collection of cheesy Christian movie tropes jumbled together with some famous names and media personalities. And then it turns out that it’s little more than an ad for a gimmicky app that I predict will backfire badly.

The storyline was bland and predictable (it was basically God’s Not Dead meets The Shack), the characters were stereotyped and most were very unlikeable. The atheist was an alcoholic divorced man who emotionally neglected his kids—because that’s what all atheists are like, right? And his Christian ex-wife is perfect, because all Christians are perfect, right? And they even managed to stereotype the idea of the pastor who used to be a bad boy, down to him still talking like a Mafioso—“Jesus got whacked”. Really?

The worst problem, though, and the problem that most ‘Christian’ movies share, is that they are very unclear about the Gospel. The atheist character ‘comes to faith’ not because of a biblically based Gospel presentation, but because of a near death experience where he encounters his son who died tragically of cancer (because all atheists are that way because of a painful experience in their past, right?). And then the very next thing is not to get the now-former atheist character in a church and out of the limelight for a little while so he can develop his new faith and focus on rebuilding the broken relationships in his family, but to put him on a pedestal and schedule a media tour to promote his new app.

The other major problem with the movie is how it deals with the problem of death. The atheist character, like many people, is concerned with the problem of death and suffering in a very personal way—his son died of cancer. They also portray one of his oldest son’s struggles when their mom is diagnosed with the same cancer that took his brother. But they never addressed the real reason there is death and suffering in the world in the first place. Here they could have demonstrated from Genesis how sin brought upon us the penalty of death, and why Christ died to pay the price for our sins, and how those in Christ can look forward to the Resurrection where there won’t be any more cancer or sickness or death.

The movie also preys on a common Christian fear of radical Islam. ISIS is mentioned several times, with one ex-Muslim portrayed, but the idea conveyed is that all Muslims are like ISIS, and somehow the app is even supposed to counter them.

The one thing the movie gets right is this: Jesus is the light of the world. The correct response to the Gospel isn’t to download an app on your phone, but to actually share the Gospel with someone you care about who hasn’t yet trusted Jesus. We must be prayerfully ready to share the Bible’s Good News. Gospel gimmicks like the Let There Be Light app won’t appeal to or reach anyone who isn’t already convinced. Going out and sharing the Gospel doesn’t need to be ‘innovative’—it is the means that Christ gave us to spread His message.

An outreach opportunity: for one night only!

Do you want to see a movie with high production quality (without stereotypes and gimmicks) that will equip you with answers to share the Gospel? Would you like to actually be able to take your unbelieving loved ones to a movie that will provide the basis for further conversation and interaction?

CMI has a track record of producing quality movies such as The Voyage That Shook The World, which examined the life and ideas of Charles Darwin, and the impact they’ve had on today’s world. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels is an award-winning documentary featuring 15 Ph.D. scientists who explain insurmountable problems for evolution.

Our newest film, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is set to continue this trend. Millions of people have seen what they believe are alien craft, or even had experiences with what they believe are entities from another world. This phenomenon shapes worldviews and can be deeply troubling and painful for those affected. Thousands have been helped by Gary Bates’s Amazon Top-50 bestselling book Alien Intrusion, and now we are releasing a movie interviewing ‘experiencers’ and experts that come to a surprising conclusion about what is actually going on. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the answer is found in a correct understanding of Creation and the Gospel.

Check  alienintrusion.com for trailers, behind-the-scenes videos and more.


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Readers’ comments

Stephen M.
I am a pastor. I saw the movie this past Friday. I would have to agree with the reviewer. I enjoyed the 'mob' pastor, and really appreciated his plug of the Gideon NT. His testimony of conversion could be repeated by the thousands. But, while humorous, he did not speak as a seasoned pastor. Instead, he sounded like a new Believer. I say this as one who volunteered in a state prison for 10 years dealing with every sort of criminal from drugs to murder to sexual assault, etc. I was very disappointed at the almost offhand mention of faith in Christ for salvation. On the absolutely most critical issue, salvation, the movie appeared to speed past it as incidental. And the phrase, Let There Be Light is ambiguous to the point of being unintelligible. Instead of focusing on the message of Scripture, the movie focuses on a vision and its message. The Holy Spirit may use visions to get attention, but He draws and transforms by His Word. There was none of this in the movie. I was left feeling disappointed.
Dave H.
I want to believe that there are going to be solid Christian movies that open the eyes of non believers like The War Room, but most miss like this movie and God's Not Dead movies... you are spot on in this review.

Movies fails to mention any scripture and even when they mention to let God's will prevail it comes across smarmy.

I thank God that there are no atheists in this world that would be recognizable as celebrities on the street where reporters would be awaiting outside to interview them... the main character in this movies is not bad on anything real.

Daniel Roebuck saying Darling 100 times makes no sense and is irritating as well as the joke about Loves Me like a Rock, and jokes about a doorman, beaten to death.

I admire Mike Franzese's life change but most people seeing him as a pastor in the movie that are not Christian will be repulsed, and his description of Jesus and the tomb would not be enough to convert a life long Atheist in one conversation. Everyone's conversion is an assembly line of events and conversations over a period of time. Form my experience and rapid acceptance like what was seen in the movies is not real and does not stick, like altar calls at Christmas or Easter services, they are short lived, it takes a lot to believe.

Once these movies stop dealing in extremes they will be received on a greater level and accomplish what they are setting out to do, subtlety works
Diane J.
I appreciate the fact that you are reviewing movies and it is helpful to have some idea of the quality of a movie before going. (I live 60 miles from the nearest theater.) I also write children's books and I hope that someday one will be made into a movie. Some of my favorite children's books do not have the plan of salvation etc. like Heidi and the Chronicles of Narnia, but they still draw people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you again for providing reviews. DJ
Martin S.
I might want to see it, anyway. This is how Dad, an alcoholic atheist met God. No, Mom was not a perfect person, let alone a Christian. But, shortly after, most of the family became Christians. We're not perfect yet, but most of us are working on it. Mom and Dad both went to be with the Lord years ago. Our past haunts us, but God created in us a stubborn will to overcome it. I'm sorry they're gone, but happy to know I'll meet them at the Gates. God said so! Peace to you, and a happy Thanksgiving.
israel M.
Thank you for the review. As Sean Hannity is the producer I had doubts about the how the gospel would be presented. Hannity is catholic and has not shown that he is a believer. I saw the trailer and took offense by the word whacked.
M. R.
If Truth be told individuals who trust movies like the one presented is too gullible of worldly influence. The Gospel is infinitely unique because Faith(it is impossible to please God without faith) connects believers directly to God Almighty which makes worldly influence pale and empty. It is why God is so meticulous about how His Word is presented to a world that has to be convinced that God is real and unbelief has eternal consequences, negatively and permanently. Again, if ‘Truth be told’ the worse ‘case scenario’ is when any individual has to face ETERNITY LOST & UNSAVED and stand before God Almighty when He say those dreadful words “TOO LATE”. It is why I love the WORDS when God spoke to my heart one day and said to me “ BEHOLD, NOW IS THE ACCEPTED TIME; BEHOLD, TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION..2nd Corinthians 6:2. Salvation by Jesus our Savior is the ultimate and the preaching of the Gospel cannot be via trusting in entertainment and slick gimmickry and trickery agreeing with a billions and billions of years imagery-theory concept. Frankly to me, there is too much evolutionary-atheistic comedy-joke type influence preaching-teaching in the Word of God these ‘last days’. Everything our Savior did was everlasting to everlasting. The worldly mockers via entertainment talk shows are ruthless against Christians through television, movies, plays, etc. strictly designed to humiliate God’s people.
David J.
It's not "radical Islam", it's Islam plain and simple. It's sad when even Christian websites like this one are co-opted into using the language of the Left.
Lita Cosner
You're reading far more into my wording than could ever have been intended. Islam is dangerous not because some people are motivated to violence because of it, but because it is false and cannot save anyone who trusts in it. So our response should be to love people in this religion, and to share the Gospel with them.
Richard S.
I am appreciative of the article and the comments back and forth. I accepted Christ more than forty years ago and have seen all types of conversion experiences. I know a young man that was a drug infested loser, married to a nice Christian girl (how they connected I'll never know) She finally walked after years of abuse.
Somehow he woke up - someone gave him a copy of "the Shack" and he saw the light and accepted Jesus as his Saviour and completely stopped the drugs etc. I can't say enough negative things about that book . . . but the God of Glory used it to change a heart.
Maybe this film will do the same. I am thankfully warned that it isn't for me. God can use anything that get's a sinners attention. And by grace, through faith he imparts His gift to those that will be saved.
Curt D.
Great movie for a broad audience--article limited to a small audience--it is difficult to please everyone in 2 hours
Bruce B.
You really should stick to commenting on geological issues. Movie reviews are not your domain and it was neither accurate nor helpful, particularly the title of the "review". Poorly done, not in line with a Christian attitude and it is just an opinion that no one should take, they should do their own reviewing on "Christian Movies"/
Lita Cosner
Clearly people have mixed reactions to this review, as you can see from the comments. Some liked my review, others decidedly did not. As a writer, I'm used to that. But I hope you can see the irony with your tone and then saying that my writing is not in line with a Christian attitude.
Douglas R.
Contending for the faith, the true faith, seems to have given way to a false unity, wherein we only need to believe in some essentials about Christ and everything else goes. I see that kind of response in those criticizing the critic.

Would to God that there were more "critics" of the modern, wishy-washy portrayal of Christianity.

Jesus warned of false prophets, and the apostles did the same in their writings. There is nothing more dangerous to all mankind than false prophets and their false gospels. Millions have been deceived and their souls lost, having taken a false hope given by a false prophet. A mass killer can take lives, but false prophets, like the one known as "America's Pastor," take souls to an eternal hell.
Douglas R.
I'm happy to see a review about a "Christian" movie. Why not? There is so much corruption in the modern churches and distortion of the true gospel, that it is only fitting to review Christian movies and every other movie with a Christian perspective. That being said, there is much confusion about what the gospel of Christ actually is. Specifically, how does a man, woman, or child actually get saved? Is it via an altar call and the sinner's prayer? Is it via baptism? Is it via simply believing the story of the gospel and who Christ is? Or is it none of the above?

Jesus preached, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." The apostles also preached repentance. But who knows what repentance means? I've heard people online explain it to me as if it only means, "to change one's mind." So they think they changed their mind about Christ, so now they are saved. But the Bible defines repentance as much more than changing the mind. It is the heart that must be moved first by the hidden work of the Holy Ghost, to believe the truth about their own sin and their own good works: that they are wicked and cannot do anything to appease God or save themselves. Just admitting you are a sinner is like saying, "I am a human being." But what kind of sinner are you? Most think they are a sinner with good in them, capable of turning over a new leaf and becoming a Christian. But Christ says no, "You must be born again."

The modern gospel says just believe these 4 spiritual laws and pray the sinner's prayer, but these, too, are works of flesh. It is only by the grace of God, the working of God to bring a person to repentance and then to Christ, who alone can give them his faith and reveal himself to them. Salvation is all by the grace of God, but the modern gospel includes new sacraments.
G. M.
The Hollywood version of Christianity is entertaining first, simple to appeal to the heart. If the movie version gets people's attention possibly they will seek the Word and go through the church doors There are such things as Christian "Snobs" and I think this critic is one of them.

Lita Cosner
Gloria, it's possible to disagree without name-calling! The review is my opinion, and you're welcome to have an opinion different from mine, and that wouldn't make me call you a name.

I can't imagine anyone who isn't already a Christian liking this movie, and lots of other reviews agree with me. But I'd love to hear from someone with a different experience!
Hugh O.
First I want to thank you for all that you do and have done to uphold the truth of all scripture. I respect the effort you take to produce top quality movies. However I do believe you are off base in criticizing God's Not Dead and other Christian themed movies. Some audiences will go to God's Not Dead but not Alien Intrusion, I happen to be someone who enjoys both, at least I believe I will enjoyAlien Intrusion since I enjoyed the book. Your criticism reminds me of John in Mark 9:38 and Jesus response in verse 39. Be glad there are other people producing movies that will appeal to a group you may not reach. We are one body consisting of many members preforming different functions. There are some so called "Christian" movies out there with a false message but I don't believe God's Not Dead or God's Not Dead 2 are in this category. Yrs there are Athiest's and professors very much like those portrayed in these movies. There is room and needs to be room for many different genres of Christian" movies so don't fight amongst ourselves promote and be glad for our differences. 1 Corinthians 3:2 some are ready for meat but many are still drinking milk. Thank you again for your fine work in defending the Truth, 1 Peter 3:15 I already get Infobytes
Lita Cosner
Hugh, it's good to hear from people with different points of view. But our criticism is that they're just not good movies. They don't present the true Gospel, God's Not Dead seemed to allow for billions of years at the very least, and the stereotypes of non-believers of various stripes (and even of believers) is not going to open doors for people to consider the Gospel.

This movie in particular seemed to try to go out of its way to make every non-Christian character as one-dimensional and viscerally unlikeable as possible. When you have an atheist literally cackling at his son who wants to go help poor people in another nation, that's laying it on a little thick.

Again, people aren't wrong if they have another opinion.
Scott P.
I agree with Seth K. CMI is not the place for movie reviews (other than description of their own). Especially when the one writing the review seems overly sensitive to criticism of her review.
Lita Cosner
It's always good to hear from someone with a different point of view. However, many others found the review helpful. So should we not do movie reviews just because some people think we shouldn't do them? If we stopped doing everything someone thought we shouldn't be doing, we'd be doing very little!

You wouldn't know there was criticism of the review at all unless I was choosing to publish the comments. I wouldn't be publishing them if I was overly sensitive. If my responses seem a little short, it's just that all of us at CMI have many things we're doing and we need to 'redeem the time' as much as possible.
John B.
Great and touching movie. Would see again. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sorbo's wife was particularly convincing.
gabriel S.
We should focus on the Script [the Bible] of this or any other movie proclaiming to represent Scripture.
Any movie on Scripture will be subjective and opinionated - even if it is made by CMI , sorry guys.
We could go as far as to state that an image is made, whether with the intent to be graven or not.
If the Word, as imparted by the Holy Spirit, was enough to reach millions by virtue of the spoken word [cf Rom 10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."], why settle for less?
in Christ
Henry V.
I haven't seen this particular Christian movie, and not sure if I will or not. I'm certainly not interested in an 'app' as a witnessing tool.

I do agree with Kenneth L regarding the need for a top quality movie about Noah and the flood. I was bitterly disappointed with the last Noah movie which portrayed Noah as the bad guy and the fallen angels as the good guys, and only one of Noah's sons actually brought a wife on the ark!

We need a biblically accurate Noah movie, with top quality CGI showing what this flood looked like in all stages (including the volcanic and tectonic activity) and how it changed the landscape and formed what we see today. Enlist some creationist expert scientists as consultants to ensure the physics is depicted accurately.

Also show how Noah was smart and was able to feed all those animals with the help of both machinery and all 8 souls on board.

The movie also needs to show the exceeding wickedness of man (human sacrifice? genetic hybridisation? sexual perversion?) that brought about the judgment of the flood. And of course include the message of hope and faith in God through Noah's (and his family's) dialog with the locals while he's building the ark.

On youtube I've seen vids of man-made structures, machine parts, etc, on the moon and Mars. Even a mummified woman with 6 digits on each hand. Are these real? I don't know. But perhaps pre-flood man's technology (with the help of the fallen angels) actually reached the moon and Mars? The movie could illustrate how some of Earth's mysteries might have fit into real history of mankind.

A good blockbuster that draws the crowds and presents them with real history would be awesome. Perhaps CMI could partner with someone like Mel Gibson or Peter Jackson or James Cameron to produce such a movie.
David R.
Re movie "Let There Be Light"

It concerns me when I see Christians giving the thumbs down to other Christians who are doing their best to carry out God's work. We need to heed Jesus Words: "for whoever is not against us is for us." (Mark 9:40 & Luke 9:50). And, also the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Cors. 3:5-8 which say it is our job to plant the seeds, someone elses to water it and it is up to God to make the seeds grow. Let's set aside our differences and put into practice God's inspired Word on Love in I Cors. 13.

In Christian love

Lita Cosner
So are you giving my review a thumbs down? :) Just because something is released under a Christian banner shouldn't make it immune from constructive criticism. The apostles certainly didn't take that approach.
Gian Carlo B.
Wow, Christian movies are dying.
David G.
I think that the Coen Bros. movies are more Christian than most Christian movies: they pose questions. Christian movies don't pose questions.
Kenneth L.
What constitutes a 'good' or 'bad' movie is entirely subjective (with the exception of Eraserhead, the worst movie ever made). It may well be that this movie will touch some people (either in the theatrical release or later on DVD or Youtube) and help them to find faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was made in faith in God's power, and therefore it should bear fruit. Often it takes more than one encounter with Jesus Christ in more than one venue before the message takes hold. I know this was true in my own salvation. So even if this movie strikes some as being less than blockbuster quality (probably a good thing), let's get behind it in prayer and trust that the Lord has a plan and purpose in this movie.

One movie I would really like to see produced is a blockbuster quality movie of the Genesis Flood, with some top creation scientists as consultants. I think such a movie would have mass appeal because of the scale of the disaster that would be portrayed (think 2012 and then scale up!). It would then be an ideal vehicle to educate the public about the Genesis Flood, its cause (evil hearts and unrepented sin on a mass scale in the antedeluvial world) and the feasibility of the Ark saving all land life on Earth and giving mankind a second chance. And it could be a very effective vehicle for reaching a mass audience with the Gospel, which could be written in, in say, Noah's dialogue with people as he was building the Ark.

But one thing I would advise, if such a project is undertaken: avoid the usual cliches, like Noah walking around with a shepherd's staff, etc. The Christmas Story was unfortunately full of that, and it even turned me off as a Christian. Tell the story as the Bible does with a minimum of hokey cliches and as much realism as possible. That is people want.
Lita Cosner
What constitutes a good movie is not entirely subjective, otherwise there could be no consensus at all. While there is broad consensus on what movies are classically good.

That being said, my review is my opinion about the movie, and others might have a different opinion.
Jeffrey H.
I haven’t seen the movie either, but I will after it’s available to stream. CMI is narrow-minded, being that they are focused. This is a good thing. Those at CMI filter any particle that may contaminate the gospel. Most of these “Christian” films portray the gospel by painting that message of Christ with a broad brush.

The parable of the sower in Matthew chapter 13 represents the product of broad-brush evangelism. In the parable, examples 2 and 3 for a time have the appearance of conversion through faith, but they eventually fall away. They never experience the regenerating power (being born of God) of the Holy Spirit. “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” (John 1:12-13)

Lita filtered this movie correctly. “But they never addressed the real reason there is death and suffering in the world in the first place. Here they could have demonstrated from Genesis how sin brought upon us the penalty of death, and why Christ died to pay the price for our sins, and how those in Christ can look forward to the Resurrection where there won’t be any more cancer or sickness or death.” Removing or leaving out the foundational aspect of the gospel is as Paul said to the Galatians in chapter 1 verse 6, another gospel.

Christian movies are like Christian bookstores; they contain Christian values that may be disassociated with the Gospel of Christ (Galatians 1:6-7).

I thank Lita and CMI for being diligent (focused) by supplying us with the material to make our calling and election sure (2 Peter 1:5-12). Remember the parable of the sower.
Stephen S.
first , not sure this will show in the thread of criticism of the movie..... I will keep it simple, Calvinists tend to do that:-) I came to the Lord due to a seminar by Ken Ham ,who still is a friend ,what part of Philippians 1, 15-18 dp u disagree with. I am saddened that this tread is even posted...
Lita Cosner
People are often surprised to find we don't reject nearly as many comments as they assume. However, I think it's a little unfair to say I disagree with Philippians for giving a cheesy, unclear movie a bad review. My biggest problem was with the huge platform they had, they didn't make the Gospel presentation very clear and instead wasted time with an unbiblical NDE storyline.
Bridget M.
I saw the movie earlier this week, and I personally liked it. It wasn't spectacular, it wasn't perfect and it definitely had weaknesses, but over all, I thought it was well done - much better than other Christian movies I've seen, especially ones from earlier generations!

It did have cheesy moments that could be considered stereotypical, and I wish it had been more clear in its gospel presentation, but I was still none-the-less pleased with the emphasis on Jesus and the need to present the gospel to other people. It was a much better presentation in my estimation than many other Christian movies that have come out recently that had at best a fuzzy portrayal of "faith" as being the end all be all with no emphasis on the object of that faith.

I do wish it had been deeper theological, but I also understand that they were trying to steer clear of a single denominational view-I don't necessarily agree with their approach, but I didn't see anything being portrayed that was overtly or blatantly heretical, such as the theology behind the Shack. Though I'd need to see it a second time and pay closer attention to be sure.

I also agree that there were some elements that were shaky-I was squirming in my seat when Dionne Warwick appeared as her inclusion left me with the feeling they had tipped a little too far on the inclusivity scale; after all, it greatly matters whether the Jesus you follow is the historical Biblical Jesus, or one that has been created by man, and I wish the movie had been more clear on this point.

At times, it did have a taste of being gimmicky, but still, I came away from the theater pleased over all with the movie, and hope that its success can open the door for more and better Christian films in the future.
Joe H.
Let's face it... Most Christian movies are either feel good, copies off others, cheesy, or/and for you to invite your atheist friend to save them. Perhaps the only Christian films that I would argue said something of the true gospel is God's Not Dead, Kendrick Brothers films, and Erwin Brothers films.
Charles S.
Lita, I completely understand where you are coming from with your criticism. However, This movie (which I have not seen but have seen similar) is a dual-purpose commercial production intended to reach a wide audience with a message about faith.

As much as I love CMI, I realize it has a relatively small audience because "most" people do not know God or want to take the time from their busy lives to get to know the truth of His creation. Perhaps, just perhaps, this movie plants seeds into the minds of the masses that there must be something greater to life than the mundane routines they are living with no hope for much of anything.

So, I characterize your criticism as a frustrated minister preaching to the choir while the congregation sleeps due to messages having no bearing on their daily lives (which this movie seems to have).

I love Creation Ministries because I have a heart that desires the truth about our very existence and how that truth is being revealed by CMI. So, I think what we have here is apples and oranges.
Lita Cosner
Actually Charles, one major criticism of the movie is that it so stereotypes unbelievers that if one happens to wander into a screening they won't listen to the bit of the gospel that actually makes it into the movie (if they can decipher the Italian mafia speak of the character who talks about the resurrection).

The movie will have an audience just because it has big names like the Sorbos and Sean Hannity. So it's a shame they didn't work harder to give a really clear Gospel message, and that instead the movie emphasized a near-death experience. Most unbelievers won't have an NDE, but Scripture's testimony is available to everyone.
Andrew W.
Haven't see the movie yet but interviews with Sorbos and Sean Hannity. Perhaps the next movie that CMI does you should invite the Sorbos to help you develop some creationist themed scripts and movies. It seems to me that we can be a bit gracious here and understand the purpose of the Sorbos and their sincere Christian convictions to be a witness in our culture. Love CMI ministry and your steadfastness. Christians need to encourage each other.
Michael I.
Well, I haven't seen this movie, not sure I will. I intended never to watch "God's Not Dead" after CMI's review of it, but after the rest of my immediate family convinced me to watch it, I couldn't bring myself to be as critical about it. Leaning more toward family friendly Christian entertainment than ministry, I rather liked the movie. I did pickup some of CMI's points as I watched, but again, keeping in mind that it leans more toward entertainment than ministry, I couldn't be as critical of it. Of course, I don't work in ministry like the wonderful folks at CMI, clearly a difference in perspective. That aside, if this or any christian movie, is misleading or contrary to biblical teaching in any way, they indeed have a problem! God bless all at CMI, you do wonderful work!
Seth K.
What does this article have to do with the Genesis account of creation?

I try to send as many people as I can to creation.com to get a science-based perspective of biblical creation. If the first article they see on the website is a negative review of a movie they've never heard about, they're going to think creation.com's "9,000+" articles are mostly fluff, and not really "9,000+" *science* articles.

I'd prefer creation.com to publish less articles than to pump out non-science articles.
Lita Cosner
Thanks for writing in. A lot of people ask for our opinion about Christian media, so we do these reviews. I did link it to CMI's ministry. Not every article is going to be a 'home-run' with every individual, but we do our best!
Pete B.
I went with a friend to see this. We are both biblical creationist and follow CMI, AIG, ICR. We both really liked the movie and thought Kevin Sorbo and his family did a great job. But Lita makes good points too about how it lacked the true Gospel message. I guess we didn't pay that close attention too it when we were watching it.
Eddie C.
Fictional accounts of Salvation from a movie perspective always have these stereotypical events because it is very difficult to portray on film what is going on in someone's heart. Salvation for some people is a very logical experience. But logical and deductive conclusions that occur in ones mind and then transfer to the heart are hard to represent on film, so the experiences are always based on feelings. Many people come to Christ when there is seemingly nothing wrong in their lives. They have good jobs, a family, etc. But there is a deep desire for something spiritual (they may not even realize its a spiritual need) that brings them to Christ without tragedy and misfortune. I find that many people when going through tragedy and misfortune turn to Christ for relief from their current circumstances and then fall away shortly after all their problems are not solved right away. It is unfortunate that culturally we have given this view that your problems will go away when you accept Christ. This is not reality. Following Christ means he will be there and help you through it, but the deeper you are in sin, the more difficult the climb out will be. There are some people for sure that come to the end and do a 180 when they find Christ, but I find that most true converts were looking for Christ even when the world wasn't falling down around them. It is a shame this can't be portrayed in Christian films very accurately.
Kelsey H.
I am glad to see there are other Christians who aren't fans of the stereotypical gimmicky Christian movies either. I believe we should share our faith and I understand everyone does it in a different way but we also shouldn't be stereotyping others for their beliefs (i.e. all Muslims being ISIS, or all Atheists being alcoholic jerks).
John F K.
My wife and I liked the movie. Sorry you didn't. Maybe you just had low blood sugar when watching it.
Lita Cosner
Good to hear from someone with a different opinion!
Andres E.
I agree and suggest CMI starts making movies! Deep thought movies with amazing cinematography. Getting away from the Hallmark-Lifetime Cheese.
Lita Cosner
The end of my review highlighted a film CMI is releasing in January that definitely will make people think! Go to alienintrusion.com for trailers and more information!
n P.
Sounds like another example of last-days deception, which increasingly knows no bounds - a diabolical inoculation that protects against the real thing. Faith in God's word, and rejoicing in the seal of his Spirit is the only antidote - or should I say 'app'!
Lita Cosner
I wouldn't put this movie quite in the league of 'last days deception', it's just not a very good movie.
William M.
I haven't seen the movie, but I do believe their hearts are in the right place. I saw interviews with Sean, Kevin, and Kevin's wife and son. I believe they are sincerely born-again and desire to promote Christ. I'm sorry to hear their movie wasn't 100%.
Lita Cosner
Of course, it's possible for good people to make a bad movie.

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