This article is from
Creation 16(4):5, September 1994

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Letters to the Editor

Valuable Information

Dear Editor,

We have been blessed by Creation magazine, especially as reinforcement for newly saved Christians. It has also been helpful in softening the hearts of many unsaved.

For us it has provided valuable information to substantiate our faith and doctrine to inquiring minds.

E.R. Watts,
Native Valley Bible Fellowship,
Nairne, South Australia.

Magazines Wanted

Dear Editor,

I am a 10-year-old home-schooled girl. I live in Sri Lanka, and my Dad works for a development and relief agency here.

I get your Creation Ex Nihilo and I like it.

In this country the main religion is Buddhist. Educated Buddhists accept evolution very easily. We think they need your Creation magazine.

We would like you to publish this note so that, if anyone is interested, they could send us their old Creation magazines for us to leave in schools, homes, and public places.

Nina Astleford,
37 Purana Road,
Wattegedera, Maharagama, Sri Lanka.

Animal Research

Dear Editor,

I refer to the article titled 'A "Bill of Rights" for Apes' (Creation magazine, Vol.16 No.2).

While I agree that the great apes are not related to man, I don't believe this entitles man to use them, or any other animal species, in a way that may subject them to pain or discomfort, to suit the interests of man. This includes their use in medical research. I cannot think of any Scripture that would justify such use.

It might be noted that the Lord said that even a sparrow did not fall to the ground without the Father's noticing it. All creatures were created for God's pleasure. It seems inappropriate that we should subject them to pain, discomfort, or confinement in laboratory rooms.

J.S. Bentley,
New South Wales, Australia.

[Our article was certainly not advocating subjecting animals to pain or discomfort. It merely noted in passing that there were inconsistencies in certain evolutionists' position in that they have no absolutes with which to define good and evil, yet they refer to medical research on chimps as evil. — Ed.]

Horror Generation

Dear Editor,

Thank you for another well published magazine (Vol.16 No.2).

Carl Wieland's article on 'The Horror Generation' was to the point and very true. If only Creation magazine were in the hands of at least one family member all round the world, I'm sure God would take the spiritual veil from their eyes, and reveal the truth of the Gospel to them — and maybe reap a great harvest.

Remember the Word of the Lord in Proverbs 11:18, 'To him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward.'

Bill Trevillian,
Belmont South,
New South Wales, Australia.

[If each reader got one extra person to subscribe each year, we would reach double the number each year. — Ed.]

Sign for Theistic Evolutionists

Dear Editor,

Today at the Global March for Jesus in Sydney, some person who believes in evolution put up a large sign opposite the Opera House, which read: Big Bang + evolution = zero God.

If there were any theistic evolutionists there, they must surely see that evolution is anti-God.

Mrs K. Fauchon,
New South Wales, Australia.

Evolution in a Nutshell

Dear Editor,

A dense ball of matter of undetermined composition and from an unknown origin exploded for some unknown reason at an unknown date in pre-history.

By some unknown process, the pieces found orbits for themselves and began revolving, although not all in the same direction. They weren't all made of the same material either.

After an unknown period of time the one we call Earth collected atmosphere and water from some unknown source. By chance, the planet was the right distance from the sun, so by some unknown process life appeared. By chance, that life survived and diversified.

Finally there was animal life that breathed oxygen and gave off carbon dioxide, and plant life that used the carbon dioxide and gave off oxygen. No intelligence was involved.

For some unknown reason this is called SCIENCE and taught in public schools!

Mina Arnold Young,
Fort Smith,
Arkansas, USA.

Creationist Spacemen

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the wonderful article by Ann Lamont on Wernher Von Braun. I was feeling very alone in the world as a Christian who advocates space development.

Space advocates should be listed as one of the 'Hidden People Groups' largely ignored by the Church. For example, how many will be praying for the cosmonauts who will be orbiting over your head today in the Mir Space Station?

I hope Ann's article will encourage many young readers of Creation magazine to consider space science as a career. Perhaps we can boost planetary and space science into a post-evolutionary era.

Wayne Stowell,
Washington, USA.