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Creation 17(4):5, September 1995

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Letters to the Editor

Ukraine Fan

Dear Editor,

I am a 14-year-old girl. I live in Ukraine and get your magazine Creation Ex Nihilo — I like it very much. A gift subscription was sent to us by American friends and we enjoy reading it at home with the whole family.

We are new Christians. We have discovered the beauty of the Bible quite recently and we will be devoted Christians.

I like to read letters to the editor on page 5, and I would like to correspond with young Christians from Australia and other countries. Christians are everywhere in the world and it is so nice to feel oneself a member of the world Christian family.

Could you put my letter in your magazine as well as my address, please?

Sveta Sklyarenko, Willyamsa Street, 81/1 Flat 47,
278009 Odessa, Ukraine.

More Support

Dear Editor,

After having heard about the efforts some of your opponents have been making to discredit you, I thought it would be appropriate to increase my financial support to your organization.

Brian Irwin, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.

Fire-breathing Dragons

Dear Editor,

This is a photo of a Norwegian Viking vessel I took in Oslo, Norway, during a business trip last May. The stem of the boat had fire-breathing dragons carved on it. Perhaps these animals are the same kind as described in Job 41.

Tom Coe, Washington D.C., USA.

[Some Bible commentators say the leviathan described in Job 41 may have been a crocodile. But of course sparks, smoke, and flashes of fire (Job 41:18-20) don’t come from the mouth and nose of a crocodile. — Ed.]

Eyes Opened

Dear Editor,

I thank God I had the privilege to hear Ken Ham and Dr Gary Parker in a creation science seminar in 1994. As an evolution-accepting Christian my eyes were then opened to the fallacy of evolution, and the confidence I can place in the infallible Word of God. With the books and videos I purchased I have been well equipped to question people's belief in evolution.

This last year whenever the newspaper published articles on evolution, I was able to get several letters to the editor published questioning these 'evidences'.

A. Toulson, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cave Theories

Dear Editor,

While visiting a cave in Tasmania (Hastings Cave), my son, his wife, friend Brian and his wife were instructed on entering the cave, of the great age it took for stalactites and stalagmites to form.

Further into the cave they came to steps only 30 years old, according to the guide, as he pointed out a new stalactite above them, and underneath on the steps a new stalagmite was forming.

The guide explained that sometimes they form more quickly. My son's comment: 'He's just blown all his theories'.

(Mrs) Kathlyn Fauchon, Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

Vanishing Evolution

Dear Editor,

My family and I attended the Minnesota Science Museum in St Paul, Minnesota.

We were disappointed to see the following quote on a huge wall display:

Species We Never Knew

The fossil record indicates that as many as 4 billion plant and animal species have existed on earth since life began. Most of these species have disappeared without a trace, and relatively few have left evidence in the form of fossils.

Systematic collections have been established in museums to describe, name, and classify fossils, in order to help acquire new knowledge about species we never knew.

... fossils almost always are only part of an organism, and individually, they contain only a bit of information about that life form. When all parts are considered together, however, the fossil record provides a rather complete picture of the development and evolution of life on earth.

Hoo, boy ... the inconsistencies glare.

  1. If there is no trace of these critters, how do we know there were 4 billion?

  2. If there is no trace, how do we have systematic collections of them?

  3. How do we have knowledge of species about which there is no trace?

  4. How do we form a 'rather complete picture' of the development of species by considering the fossils of organisms which have left no trace?

If science means observation, some museums should be renamed.

Sam Crabtree, Brookings, South Dakota, USA.

Life-changing Experience

Dear Editor,

When I first came to the Lord, I had difficulty rationalizing creation versus evolution. After all, how could I be confident in the Word of God and salvation if I couldn't be confident God created the world in the first place?

Thankfully, a local Christian bookshop put me on to your magazine. What a life-changing experience! I knew I could trust every word from Genesis to Revelation.

Your magazine is such a wonderful witnessing tool that for the past two years I have been a double subscriber. One to lend, and one to treasure over and over again. Incidentally, lent copies rarely get returned — but that doesn't matter. It's a small price to pay for another soul in the Kingdom!

Each issue is extremely informative, yet simple enough for the non-scientist.

Vivian Mackenzie, Diamond Beach, New South Wales, Australia.