Live Online Events FAQ’s

  • What is a Live Online Event?

    These are interactive webinars—our scientists, who are experienced communicators to lay audiences, will deliver encouraging presentations live to inform and equip anyone in your church or organisation who want to participate.

  • Why Live Online Events?

    These are different to webcasts, where only the presenter contributes audibly and you can’t see those attending remotely. With CMI Live Online events, each person logging on will be able to view the presentation as well as see and interact with the speaker. If desired, the host of the event will be able to introduce the speaker to the audience, and all will be able to see who else is in attendance. A Q&A can be conducted at the end, with participants being able to ask questions.

  • What does one need to attend?

    A device (smartphone, tablet, computer) connected to the Internet. Just remember to charge it before the event.

  • What platform (program, app) does CMI use for these?

    Zoom. If you do not have it already installed it is a quick and FREE installation (CMI has paid for a professional licence so you do not need to).

  • How can one attend from home?

    CMI will send the host an URL (link) dedicated to the meeting which can then be forwarded to all prospective online participants. It will look something like this: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7517003675

    Participants simply need to click on the link provided at the meeting time. If they don’t have Zoom already installed, they will be asked to download the app (it’s pretty seamless) and immediately after they have done so they may enter the meeting.

    If Zoom is already installed and they are on a computer it will take them straight into the meeting. If participants are on a phone it will still ask them to download the app, but that will not take much time at all.