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Lizard discovered that can lay eggs and birth live young

Confirms biblical creation


Published: 22 August 2019 (GMT+10)
Saiphos equalis

The yellow-bellied, three toed skink (Saiphos equalis) is a rare species; it is one of only a few vertebrate species that can both lay eggs and give birth to live young. However, the reproductive mode of individual skinks was thought to be stable; individual females either laid eggs or birthed live young.

However, in a world first, scientists recently observed a female lay eggs and birth live young in the same clutch.1 A live-birthing female in the researchers’ lab laid three eggs. They incubated them, and one hatched and lived. About three weeks later, the female gave birth to a single fully developed offspring.

Evolutionists were delighted, casting this as an example of ‘evolution in action’.2 Supposedly, this shows S. equalis is evolving from egg-laying to live birth, that this change in reproduction mode was possibly favoured by natural selection. However, they did not predict this interesting occurrence. And yet, nearly ten years ago, I offered a biblical alternative that suggested lizards like S. equalis were originally created with this ‘dual-mode’ reproductive capability:

There is however another option: many types of lizard (including S. equalis) originally had the capacity for both reproductive modes, but due to natural selection most subsequently lost the ability for one or the other. This is consistent with the post-Flood dispersion of biblical kinds. Evolutionists don’t generally consider this possibility because it’s a process of information segmentation and loss, which gives no support to microbes-to-microbiologists evolution, and also gives no chronological priority to oviparity. (Lizards moving from eggs to live birth: evolution in action?)

Of course, since I (like everyone else) mistakenly thought an individual female couldn’t now use both birthing modes, I thought it only occurred in the past. But clearly, if some S. equalis females remain adaptable enough today to still be able to use both birthing modes, it only confirms my suggestion that they did in the past.

Evolutionists often say that biblical creation isn’t scientific (‘It’s not science!’). But here we have a claim about biology made from an overtly biblical perspective—that S. equalis originally had the capacity both to lay eggs and birth live young—bolstered by new scientific evidence. Not only can claims that impinge on science come from a biblical perspective; they can even be confirmed by new data.

References and notes

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  2. University of Sydney, Biologists observe a three-toed skink lay eggs and give birth to a live baby, sciencedaily.com, 2 April 2019. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Kathy K.
I just read “The name game: scientific ideas named after creationists” finding it quite interesting. I’m not a scientist but it’s wonderful to learn information like this. I can see God’s hand in giving out valuable information at the right time in history. God reveals the truth of his creation in these discoveries because they “work” over and over again- which is true science.

It’s hard for me to see Dawkins as a professor of anything as he seems to spurt out childish, derogatory names instead of anything worthy of a person of higher education. So I can’t regard him at all as anyone with any valuable information.

The scientists at CMI are always helping me see God’s beautiful, complex design in all aspects of life. That’s what God is about - life. How anyone can believe all the wonders of creation evolved on their own is a good illustration of the work of satan’s lies! It amazes me that some Christians fall for this.

But we know in these last days that evolutionists grasp at straws trying to hold on to these lies. I’m not a scientist, but I see the foolishness of this belief. I get more educated and informed every time I meditate on God’s word. In addition, CMI’s articles are exposing more every day God’s miraculous work to new generations. I’m glad you guys answer skeptics with highly intelligent information. You are loved and appreciated! God bless you.
Jacques A.
Great Job! And what kind of "MUTATION" would FAVOR one over the other for natural reason (selection)?
Jordan C.
Thanks Shaun and glory be to God! This clearly demonstrates that if the Saiphos equalis presently possesses viable genetic information capable of dual reproductive capabilities within a single individual, a logical inference would be that the original ancestor of this kind also possessed this genetic information was subsequently lost through selection by isolation. This is a failed prediction from an evolutionary perspective, as you noted, and completely consistent from a creationist perspective where information would be "front-loaded" into the genome prior to natural selection removing either one of the two reproductive methods. Clearly a design inference is the best explanation.
Frederick K.
Well done Shaun!
King T.
Congratulations, Shaun!
It's great that creationists can show up the evolutionary tale for what it really is. One can only wish for more of the same. Keep up the good work.
Brien D.
This is a blatant lie!

Do not refer to the sciences when you cannot prove your gods...!
Shaun Doyle
Calling a claim you don't like "a blatant lie" isn't exactly the most rational way to argue against it. See Creationists are ‘liars’ (?). I also find it interesting that you refer to the sciences as if they are sacred and not to be 'defiled' by us 'unclean' theists. Is it really that offensive that theists and creationists have been so crucial to the history of science's progress (The name game: scientific ideas named after creationists)?
Rodney A.
Hello CMI
Well done Shaun could w have a link to your claim please?
God bless!
Shaun Doyle
The quote and the link are in the article. But here it is for clarity: Lizards moving from eggs to live birth: evolution in action?

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