CMI European Creation Conference

Friday 21–Saturday 22 September 2018

Venue: Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, Westminster, LONDON, SW1P 3DW.

Two days of teaching and fellowship that will equip and encourage you in your walk and witness for Jesus Christ!

Come and hear from 16 dynamic speakers as they open up the creation-evolution issue, showing the scientific reliability of the Book of Genesis!

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Topics covered:

  • Bible reliability and theology
  • Soft tissue and C-14 in dinosaur fossils
  • Origin of life scenarios
  • Bio-inspired design
  • Archaeological researches
  • Brain, genes and behaviour - Amazing design!
  • A full size, floating Noah’s Ark
  • Creation’s vital relevance
  • Igneous origin of salt formations
  • Supposed dinosaur-to-bird evolution
  • Man’s overdesign
  • Design & origin of the Solar System
  • The information challenge
  • Evangelism in a scientific, secular age
  • Discovering dinosaurs (for teens)


Downloadable PDF of the conference brochure

Friday £12 | Saturday £12 | Both days £20
16 year olds and under – FREE

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