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CMI Third European Creation Conference

Friday 23–Saturday 24 September 2022

Venue: Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, Westminster, LONDON, SW1P 3DW.

Two days of teaching and fellowship that will equip and encourage you in your walk and witness for Jesus Christ! A packed programme of presentations that are designed to stretch your thinking in new directions.

Come and hear from 14 experienced speakers as they share from their own research and areas of special interest. We look forward to exploring and opening up the creation-evolution issue in detail, and again demonstrating the incredible relevance and scientific reliability of the Book of Genesis!

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Click here for a downloadable PDF of the conference brochure.


Topics covered in the conference include:

  • Christians being relevant in a secular culture
  • Biblical revelation and world of nature
  • Creation and the philosophy of science
  • Origin of life and genetics
  • Fear in animals pre- and post-Flood
  • Babel and the origin of languages
  • Biological and medical proofs against evolution
  • Detective approach to Noah’s Flood (youth)
  • Brain matters and skeptics (youth)
  • Human beings and ‘race science’ issues
  • Wonders of the human voice
  • Wonders of the human brain
  • Skeletal joints and engineering masterpieces
  • A Christian response to climate change


Friday £22 | Saturday £22 | Both days £40

Downloadable PDF of the conference brochure

16 year olds and under – FREE (but pre-registration necessary)

11–14 year olds wishing to join the Saturday youth programme also need to be pre-registered.


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