Long-time evolutionist bows knee

I cant thank you enough for the materials you equip christians and non beleivers with...I was brought up in a christian home..but lost my faith because I never felt like i had seen real answers..I thought christianity was something taken on pure faith...your ministry has opened my eyes, and I cant get enough materials from you fine folks, and those at ICR....The Lord used me to give the creation message to my grandfather, who was a beleiver in evolution for most all of his life..after he saw there were answers, and after much praying that the HOLY SPIRIT would open his heart..he bowed his knee, and at 86 gave his life to the Creator of the universe..I cant read enough, and watch enough videos, on creation science..{my girlfriend thinks maybe i spend to much time}..I tell everyone I know about Gods awesome creation, and point them to you or ICR, because you folks are trustworthy, and thats because the one that guides you is the author of truth

Devin Pellew

Published: 3 February 2006