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Looking forward to the Creation Mega Conference!

by , Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Creation Studies,
Liberty University

May 17, 2005

A very exciting creation conference is now less than three months away. The Creation Mega Conference co-hosted by Answers in Genesis and Liberty University will be held July 17–22 on Liberty’s campus in Lynchburg, Virginia.

This year’s conference has quite an impressive list of speakers from a wide range of disciplines. Topics will include everything from human origins and Noah’s Ark to fossils and the big bang. I am especially looking forward to meeting Dr. Werner Gitt from Germany and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati from Australia. Dr. John Whitcomb, who co-authored The Genesis Flood with Henry Morris, will also be one of the speakers. This book is largely credited with establishing the modern creationist movement.

A unique feature of the Creation Mega Conference will be advanced and basic sessions. While some of the more advanced topics are being covered, there will be less technical presentations occurring simultaneously. In this way, information will be provided both for those who are younger or just getting started in creation issues as well as those who have been involved for a long time.

The Creation Mega Conference is designed especially to equip people to defend Genesis and biblical authority. Pastors and teachers will be given information that they can use to teach others. Parents will be shown how to counter evolutionary arguments that their children might be exposed to in school or on television. Young and old will be encouraged in their faith as they see evidence that supports the truth of the Bible.

There is one group of people in particular that I hope will attend the conference. I hope to see individuals who, while Christian, do not believe in a six, 24-hour day creation and a young earth. They may have been exposed to shoddy creation science or simply believe that young earth creationists belong with those who believe that the earth is flat. I want to have some folks who are skeptical about creation who will come to the conference to see high-quality, scientific presentations supporting biblical creation. They may be pleasantly surprised.

Biblical authority and origins is one of the most pressing issues for the Christian church today. As Ken Ham so often says, “If you can’t trust the Bible’s history, how can you trust its morality?” If we can’t trust Genesis 1–11, on what basis do we trust John 3:16? Christians must be equipped to defend their faith and be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks.

As Director of the Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University, I am thrilled that the Creation Mega Conference is being held on our campus. Origins is such a key issue and one that is crucial to the Gospel. Liberty University is one of very few Christian universities that teach from a creation perspective. In fact, one of our required courses is CRST 290, History of Life, which covers the creation/evolution controversy from a biblical creationist perspective. Hosting conferences like this one with Answers in Genesis is an important way for our university to contribute in this significant area.

If you are interested in creation or have questions about origins, join us for the Creation Mega Conference this July!

Dr. DeWitt is an associate professor of biology at Liberty University and has been publishing and doing research on Alzheimer’s disease for more than a decade. He will be one of the featured speakers at the Creation Mega Conference. His talk is titled “Molecular Evidence for Creation.”

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